Bus Wrap Case Studies at South by Southwest (SXSW)

Rocksmith Bus Wrap

South by Southwest Music and Media Conference is a ten-day festival that takes place in Austin, Texas. This festival focuses on technology, film, and music and is one of the largest festivals in the United States. Ubisoft was looking for a way to launch their new game Rocksmith to this key group of movers in […]

Visit Anaheim, CA

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This one’s for all those west of the Mississippi… (and those that realize it’s worth the drive, no matter where you live).

The BusBank – Travel South by Southwest

Rocksmith Bus wrap 3.17.2011 1 1

South by Southwest Music and Media Conference is a ten-day festival that takes place in Austin, Texas. This festival focuses on technology, film, and music and is one of the largest festivals in the United States.  2011 was the 25th anniversary of the event and this year. Ubisoft was looking for a way to launch their new game Rocksmith to this key group of movers in shakers of both the technology field and the music field, so they reached out to The BusBank.

Albuquerque Balloon Festival

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There’s good reason why it’s called “The Greatest Show Off Earth”. The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta also known as Albuquerque Balloon Festival is, after all, the largest hot air balloon festival in the entire world.

A Trip to Niagara Falls

niagara falls 3 300x225 2 1

On the hunt for a stateside destination with spectacular views, a variety of accommodations, and affordable entertainment? Look no further than Niagara Falls. And if you’ve never checked out the falls before, then make sure to refer to our handy list of tips for planning the best Niagara Falls trip ever!

Spring Break Series – Relaxing Weekend

Remember when the idea of spring break meant only one scenario? Crowded beaches, crazy parties, and nasty hangover. Sure, it was fun at the time. But then you got to that age where it didn’t sound so delightful. And then you felt like you needed another spring break after spring break. Just to recover. Whether […]

8 Things Every Traveler Should be Equipped With

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If you are a frequent traveler, it’s helpful to know which new technology and tools can make traveling simpler or easier, or even more enjoyable. Your arsenal of tools and equipment should be constantly evolving to meet your traveling needs, which is possible thanks to the evolution of technology, especially technology on the go. Consider […]

Don’t Get Stranded By Your Party Bus

Outside500 300x199 1 1

Whether it’s a Wedding, Birthday, Prom, or just your average weekend with friends, these are all reasons why people love Party Bus’s; you’re out with your friends, great music and drinks, a chance to really blow off some steam, but when the Party Bus and its company go amiss, you and your crew are practically stranded.

Welcomes Big-Time Award From HotelPlanner

BusBank Award Show Featured Image 2

From Bankruptcy To Award-Winning Record-Breaking Profits – How This Travel Company Went From Zero To Hero Saving Countless Jobs Along The Way.

On November 14th, the HotelPanner America Group Travel Awards Show voted BusBank.com the Best Partner. Even more impressive was being ranked as a finalist for Best In Group Ground Travel.

Bus Wraps: Commonly Asked Questions

We have helped a lot of different customers with Bus Wraps over the years. You can see some of examples of bus wraps on our corporate marketing and bus wraps page.. We are asked many questions on a regular basis about bus wraps and wanted to provide a good reference for people looking for a bit more information about wrap advertising. What is a Bus Wrap?

Lessons for traveling to the Big Ten Basketball Tournament

March Madness Travel 1024x576 1 1

As the last few days of February wind down, the affects of the Big Ten tournament begin to set in across Indianapolis, IN. For its 10th time, The Big Ten Men’s and Women’s tournament will return to the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse on March 9th to the 13th. Many patrons look for different travel packages and hotels to stay in during the tournament. Our friends at HotelPlanner have provided some of the best places to search for near the Fieldhouse. We’ve also provided some simple lessons in traveling to the tournament for the fans and athletes.

Ultra Music Festival Shuttle Bus Tickets!

ultraShuttle 1

  Are you heading to Ultra Music Festival March 18-20 and in need of reliable and affordable transportation to and from Bayfront Park? If so, look no further and let The BusBank help by providing you with convenient, safe, reliable and most importantly affordable shuttle bus transportation. Last year was our first year running this […]

Quilt Week 2015 – A Quilter’s Paradise

Have you ever wanted to make quilt for a friend or family member? Do you already make quilts for friends and family?  If either of these questions, fit you, you should check out The American Quilter’s Society Quilt Week. Quilt Week has grown from 2 locations in 2014.  Quilt Week 2015 is in 7 cities […]

The Carolina Cup: A Southern Tradition

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Carolina Cup – A Southern Tradition Perfect The Carolina Cup horse race is a rite of spring for many in the southeast.  The annual steeplechase style horse racing event is held at Springdale Race Course in Camden, South Carolina.  Over 65,000 fans have a great time each year at this event. Fashions of the Carolina […]

Auburn Vegas to BCS Bus

pexels snapwire 165799 1536x1024 1

Due to a high amount of demand, we are excited to announce a special ticketing program for the BCS Bus. The BusBank has setup a ticketing website to allow for Auburn Tigers fans to purchase tickets for a seat on a Luxury Charter Bus that will take vans from Las Vegas to Pasadena on the date of the game.

The luxury bus will be equipped with a restroom, high back reclining seats, TV/DVD player and will allow fans to bring their own food and drinks on board. Alcoholic beverages are allowed on board, but please refrain from bringing any glass containers onboard for safety purpose.

Top Questions About Wedding Transportation

chicago wedding shuttle 1

We are in the midst of engagement season as 39% of marriage proposals take place via Thanksgiving and Valentines day. Our office has seen this  in full force with two engagements within the last month! If you need advice on how to propose, we probably aren’t the best place to look for that information.  However, […]

Groups Today – 2013 Readers Choice Award Winners

This month, Groups Today released its 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards highlight some of the best places to go, things to do, stay and to eat while traveling. Traveling with large groups is a lot different than traveling alone or with just your family. Destinations, activities and meals all need to be a bit more planned […]

Top Tips for Sports Events & Team Travel

Working on sports travel and sports event transportation can be hard work. The team at The BusBank understands this and has worked to make it easy for customers. Just over a month ago, our staff did work at the Men’s Us Open Golf Championships where our skills were tested on handling sports event transportation. The […]

Fireworks and the Fourth as American as Apple Pie

Independence Day in the United States is one of the biggest holidays with much of the country celebrating with cookouts and checking out Fireworks. We are hoping that the weather across the country allows for the shows to happen as it is one of the favorite ways to celebrate Independence Day.

Heading to the 2013 Kentucky Derby in Louisville KY?

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It is time to saddle up your friends and family and head on down to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby 2013. This annual competition draws thousands of spectators from around the globe. All are eager to bask in the glory of the most celebrated horse race in the history of mankind. In fact, not even the horse drawn chariots that once barreled down the lanes of the Circus Maximus drew so much attention and admiration.

Infographic Holiday Travel: Roads to Avoid

As Thanksgiving is now quickly coming upon us, many people across the United States will be traveling across the country to visit good friends and family. We decided to share some cool facts that we found about Thanksgiving travel via infographic.

New York Tourist Sites Opening Post Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy shut down much of New York City and its tourist attractions for a few days. New Yorker’s are resilient and are slowly getting things up and running again.  Many of its prime museums and attractions is now beginning to resume operations with Thursday being a big day for reopening.

The Big E, a Top Event in North America

The Big E New Englands Grandest Fair 1

The Big E Festival in West Springfield, MA is one of the ABA’s top 100 Events in North America and one that The BusBank sends numerous charter bus and tour groups to as well.

Sesame Place, A Great Place for A Group Charter

parkinfo Imagegal ds pic2 large Sesame Place 1

The end of summer is coming up fast. Between Little League games, family barbeques, and summer day camps, the back-to-school sales have taken us all by surprise. But before you get ready for the new school year, why not take your family on one last trip for the summer?

The Gossip Girl Tour – A Travel Guide to NYC

Gossip Girl is one of the most popular shows on American TV and which has also extended further to its thousands of fans from all over the world who love gossip, scheming and fashion. The series has been filmed throughout various locations of New York City, and presents its audiences with the hottest places in […]

The Week in Travel July 16-20th

The Week in Travel July 16 20th 1

Travel news keeps on rolling and this week was no exception. Here are some of our favorite group event transportation, and

That’s A Wrap: Getting A Branded Bus Wrap

Rocksmith Bus wrap 3.17.2011 2 1

Whenever you walk down the street, you are inevitably inundated with unwanted advertising in some form or another. In fact, a lot of people are exposed to advertising throughout their day, sometimes without even realizing it. For better or for worse, it is all around us. Devotion to promotion is the name of the game […]

Outrageous Wedding Themes

al elmes ULHxWq8reao unsplash 1536x1024 1

Millions of themes have been conceived for the most important day in some of our lives. The BusBank wanted to crawl the web and find some of the most outrageous wedding themes (the “don’t try this at home” type of theme) and we think you will get a kick out of it.

Travel Tech-The Changing Landscape of Travel

smartphone 1024x682 1 1

In 1976 when Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola developed the first mobile phone for commercialized use, he may have seen the massive potential this new technology possessed. 20 years later in the 1990’s, mobile phones were somewhat of a novelty item. People had the devices, but it was still in its primitive stages.

Travel Chatter

Happy Friday, Below are some of the top articles that we found across the web this week. We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and safe travels! 7 Steps for surviving a long haul flight with Kids Here is a great article to remember when traveling with children. These tips hopefully make it so […]

These Wheels Keep On Turning: This Week in Travel

Road Trip 1 1 1

Noticed how Chicago traffic has increased in recent years, looking more like congested L.A. and New York City roadways? Your observations were astute as this week INRIX Traffic Scorecard ranked Chicago 10th most congested city in the United States. Your traffic frustrations do not look to cease anytime soon in this major Midwest metropolitan. Look […]

Summerfest 2012-Milwaukee

Summerfest 1 1

Need an excuse to listen to over 700 music groups over the course of 11 days? Do you like eating and drinking more libations than is easily justifiable? Then Milwaukee’s 45th annual Summerfest is the perfect destination for your mid-summer getaway. Starting from Wednesday, June 27th, running till Sunday, July 8th, Milwaukee’s downtown will be inundated with Summerfesters.

Chicago Late Night Glo Run

Neon Light 1 1

Not all of us are runners. In fact for some the idea of running does not sound like a fun activity but arduous torture to our lower limbs and can in fact tarnish even the highest of self esteems.

Sonoma and Wine: The Perfect Pairing

Vineyard 1 1

So maybe the traditional ways to socialize are getting a bit mundane, and now you’re looking for that extra bit of excitement, relaxation, and possibly a little luxury. Look no further than Sonoma County, California. Hosting its fifth annual Sonoma Wine Country Weekend on August 31-September 2.

Fun at The Taste of Chicago

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Planning a trip to a big city can be pretty overwhelming and a visit to Chicago is no exception. There are so many sights to see and things to do, it seems like you will never have enough time to see everything before you have to head back home. From shopping on Michigan Ave., the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier, and Buckingham Fountain near the Museum campus, there is no way you can fit everything in on the first trip.

Summer Music Festival To Charter Bus to: Romp

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Music is something that can be heard from many of our employee’s headphones, or iPods throughout the office. So when we came across the museum and festival in today’s post we were pretty excited to share it with our readers. In Owensboro, KY, the International Bluegrass Music Museum is a place that visitors can learn […]

Corporate Outing ideas? Try a Visit to Horse Racing Track

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Spring is on its way and one great way to impress a client or reward your team with a corporate outing to a horse racing track. Horse Tracks are not only worth going to during the Triple Crown Races but throughout the spring and summer it a great place to check out. If you have never been to a horse race or even just to visit a horse racing track, you should change that and while you’re at it take your clients or employees with you.

The BusBank’s Favorite Travel Apps

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The world is all about apps  as you may have remembered from the 2009 Apple commercial , “There’s an app for that.  Travel is an area where a lot of great and wonderful phone applications have been developed. Both iPhone and Android phones have a variety of great apps that people can use for travel. Besides working for a group travel service, many of our employees love travel use a variety of them when they travel.

A Quick Guide to Charter bus Pricing

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On the BusBuzz Blog, we often discuss destinations that are fun to visit, group travel news and occasionally about buses themselves. Today, we are going to take a bit of time to go over a key question asked by many customers.

Take a Field Trip on a Charter bus to Historic Philadelphia

Trip on a Charter bus to Historic Philadelphia e1678782486388 1

The weather is close to breaking and school field trip season is coming upon us. A very popular field trip for schools United States for schools across the Midwest and east coast is to Charter a bus to Philadelphia. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is filled with loads of historical places to check. We […]

Travel Like an Entertainer, Ride in an Entertainer Motorcoach

Entertainer Motor coaches and Executives Motor coaches, help you travel in Style If you were like most in America, you likely caught at least a small portion of this past year Grammy Awards on TV or read about them online. Have you ever been interested in learning how these musicians get from city to city […]

Great Spots for Team Building Events Near Chicago and Milwaukee

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You work each and every day with a group of people at the office on the good, the bad, the ugly. After it all interoffice relationships could use some refreshing from the day to day activity. Team building events are often used to get these revved up and ready to move forward.

Week in Travel January 23-27

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Top Travel Articles of The Week 10 Winter Getaways to Suit All Ages Priceline Ad causes rift in bus industry America’s Healthiest Cities to visit Carolina Cup: A Southern Tradition to not miss Be sure to check back next week for more articles about group and event travel from The BusBank.  Next Friday, we will […]

Infographic: Chartering a Bus Vs Flying

Many times, we are asked “what is cheaper for group travel? Chartering a bus or traveling by airplane?” We knew that for many mid distance trips within a region, chartering a bus is a better option. This is not just based on price but also on many other factors as well.

Week in Travel Wrap-Up January 1st thru 6th

Welcome to the New Year!  We have already had a great start to 2012 and this year we wish to share more travel articles from across the web each week. Below is a list of some of the most interesting and top news from this week. Coach America Files for Chapter 11– This is a […]

Take a Dallas Mini Bus Rental to See the Mavs

The NBA season is back and we were just as nervous as you that it was not going to happen due to the NBA Lockout. Now that the season is about to kick off why not check out some Professional Basketball Action.  Taking clients, family or friends to the game is great and easy in one of The BusBank’s Dallas mini bus rentals.

Bowl Game Transportation: Book it Now

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The college football season is coming to an end. Hopefully, your alma mater or team of choice made it into a bowl game and you are looking into booking bowl game transportation. This year to save cost booking a charter bus might be the way to handle your travel. Gather a group from your campus and prepare to head down.

Here is a list of the top bowl games that members of our staff our looking to check out. Heck, we are even considering booking bowl game transportation and take part in bowl game travel.

Charter bus in Denver for Snowboarding and Skiing

ski bus trip rental 1

What could be a better winter vacation then spending a week or two touring around Denver Charter bus, skiing on the best the Rocky Mountains have to offer. From Snowmass to Vail there are over 20 resort towns to visit. If you’ll be in Denver January 26-29 the Winter X-Games will be at the Buttermilk Mountain Resort. The annual event features athletes from across the globe competing for medals and prize money in the following sports: Skiing, Snowboard and Snowmobile.

Mini Coach Rental for Business Dining in Long Island

Dodici 300x210 1 1

As you know corporate travel can be highly stressful, between planning your transportation, handling meetings schedules, packing, etc. One part that can also be difficult is trying to find a great place to take your client or vendor out when you arrive. Business dining in a new city can be difficult if you don’t know where to go. We attempt to help you out in this spotlight of places in Long Island for Business dining are a great time to relax and be able to discuss ideas, strategies in a less formal situation.

Traveling to Super Bowl: Lots to Consider

Football Lineup 2 1

The Super Bowl is only a couple months away and Super Bowl Transportation is already being booked up. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana is the home of the Super Bowl XLVI and it will be the first Super Bowl held in the State of Indiana.

Planning an Event? Choose a Charter Bus

Bus vs car 300x219 1 1 1

Are you throwing an event and short on space? Need to move a lot of people?

Perfect reasons why you should be using a charter bus for your next event or party. As you can see from the photo, a charter bus takes up a lot less space than the cars it would take to move 60 people. A charter bus even takes less space than  60 bicycles.

Places to Check Out Breeder’s Cup

The Breeder’s cup is one of the largest events in horse racing. This year it is taking place at the historical Churchill Downs racetrack. Horse from all across the world race in this race and it is one of the finest moments each year in Equine competitions.

Needing help to plan a Group Party Bus Outing?

Sometimes, you have a special event that you need to plan whether it’s a company outing, a bachelor party, or just a weekend out with friends. All of the can create a hassle and take a large amount of time. Finding the right location for the party, calling the location to setup group pricing can all be a really big drag.

College Football Games Selling Out

College Football season has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Our team travel clients are all booked up and ready to go for the rest of the season.

North Carolina Beaches

Clinging to the last vestiges of summer weather? Wishing you had one more day to rock those flip-flops and bermudas? Say no more. Just pack your weekend bag and head to the beaches of North Carolina.

Fall Hiking Spots

Maroon Bells 1 1

You don’t have to be an outdoorsy type of person to enjoy fall weather. Mild temperatures, crisp breezes and that gorgeous fall foliage! And what better way to enjoy the beauty of fall then by grabbing some friends and going on a fall hike?!

Great Places to View All Colors of Fall Foliage

5134833966 f6b186be88 1

Gathering a group of friend and family to enjoy the beautiful colors is one of the pleasures of fall. Most think of Fall foliage tours as only being something for the east coast. However, you would be shocked that Fall produces wonderful colors in other parts of the country as well.

Hurricane Preparation and Business Continuity

Hurricane Season has begun with Hurricane Harvey about to hit Texas this weekend. We wanted to remind our readers on how to prepare and be ready prior to Hurricane Irene potentially wreaking havoc.

The BusBank – Colorado Balloon Festival

There’s nothing quite like it. Gigantic rainbow-hued balloons, some over 10 stories tall, soaring thousands of feet above the ground. And this year, the Colorado Balloon Classic, held on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th, will once again paint the skies with color. We’re thinking you might want to head to Colorado Springs this September. After […]

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival

The Kentucky Bourbon Festival 1

There’s a reason that Bardstown, Kentucky is more than a dot on the map. After all, since 1776 the locals have been known for making some of the best Bourbon around. And what better way to pay homage to the finely distilled whiskey than to head to the Bourbon Capital of the World and celebrate the Kentucky Bourbon Festival via Charter Bus Kentucky?

Visiting Toronto

Toronto 300x233 1 1

As the fifth most populous city in North America, Toronto is home to over 5 million people. But don’t let the crowds deter you from a visit to Canada’s largest metropolis. In fact, Toronto is a top spot for both business and pleasure! Not sure what all the fuss is about? Here’s why Toronto is […]

The Atlantic City Air Show

What has flight demonstrations that reach heights of 15,000 feet, jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics, spectacular formation flying and world-renowned parachutists?

The Great New York State Fair

The Great New York State Fair 1

Oh New York. We love this state for lots of reasons. Reasons like Broadway, fabulous museums, and a swinging nightlife. But one of the reasons we adore the Empire State is The Great New York State Fair and Charter Bus New York can take you there!

Must See Summer Music Festivals

roskilde festival 300x199 1 1

Summer just isn’t summer without the right soundtrack. And if you’re tired of blasting last year’s remixes on your MP3 player, then it’s time to shake things up a bit! Sure, you can sit on your butt at home and watch the latest Youtube videos of your favorite artists…

Famous Botanical Gardens

original Montreal Botanic Gardens Japanese Garden ciprian chiru 300x225 1 1

Exotic flowers? Check. Rare foliage? Check. Cascading waterfalls, awe-inspiring views, and stunningly artistic landscapes? Check! Botanical Gardens are a premier destination for both botany know-it-alls and general tourists alike. And if you’re looking for a new destination that’s perfect for family reunions and group getaways, then a botanical garden trip may be just what you need!

Deluxe Motorcoach Brand: Prevost Car

xl2c en 18 1 1

We hope you enjoyed when we discussed Motor Coach Industries. Now, we would like to introduce you to Prevost Car, another model of charter bus ideal for long distance travel.

Deluxe Motorcoach Brand: Motor Coach Industries

WhiteMCIJ4500 300x210 1 1

Deluxe motor coaches come in various makes and models similar to your car. Different manufacturers have different levels of features and amenities. At The BusBank, we work with operators that have the various makes and models of buses available for charter.

Shedd Aquarium Community Discount Days

Throughout the summer, Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium’s Community Discount Days! With free general admission for all guests, it is definitely the place to take your group if you are visiting Chicago. The many exotic fish and marine life make it a must see, and with extended hours this week only, you have even more time to enjoy the aquatic life.

BusBank – 4th of July Fun – The BEST Places to Celebrate

Running around your driveway with a sparkler in hand used to be fun… when you were a kid. Now you’re grown up and those backyard 4th of July fireworks have lost just a bit of their appeal. Let’s face it, you’re ready for something bigger, better and more mind-blowing! If you’re ready to take your […]

Universal Studios Great for a Charter Bus

There is no better way to enjoy the warm weather this summer than to take an air conditioned charter bus to visit an amusement park and with the amazing rides and great ticket packages Universal Studios Hollywood has to offer, you really can’t go wrong with a Charter bus in Hollywood.

Rotary 2011

It was hot and muggy this May as Rotary International held its annual convention, but that didn’t stop The BusBank and Chicago-based DMC On The Scene from providing the convention transportation. And it was no small feat, with over 115,000 to provide transportation for over the entire week. Moving over 35 charter buses and 19,000 […]

Charter Bus Types 101

We understand that many of our customers do not use charter buses frequently and have little knowledge of the many charter bus options available to them. Therefore, we are bringing you a series of short posts about different bus types. We will go in depth about the types of sizes, models, and brands that are in the industry so you can find the perfect bus for your group.

NASA Space Field Trip!

college and greek life bus rentals 1

There are few things that will astound your students more than a trip to NASA. Besides offering free year-round field trips, the NASA Glenn Visitor Center will give your students the opportunity to learn about a variety of space related topics, including: the personal lives of astronauts, the inter-workings of the solar system, the International Space Station, and much, much more!

California State Fair 2011

From July 14th to the 29th the Cal Expo in Sacramento, California will be devoted to the event of the summer: the California State Fair.
And before you decide that such an event is only fun if you’re a 4-H-er or bake-off contestant, consider these top 10 reasons to head west:

BusBank – Spotlight on San Antonio

River City, San Antone, Alamo City. Whatever name you call it by, San Antonio is one of the top destinations in the state of Texas. For that matter, it’s one heck of a place to visit no matter which state you’re traveling from! Have a conference, school trip, or vacation trip to plan? Here’s why […]

The BusBank Presents: Seattle Space Needle & Boeing Factory

seattle space needle 300x210 1 1

Seattle is calling! Mountain views, gorgeous waterfronts, and a breathtaking cityscape draw tourists and corporate travelers from near and far. If you haven’t experienced summer in the Emerald City, then it’s time to pack your bags and head west! And of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without a stop at the Space Needle. […]

Arlington, VA – Trips to the Capital

Planning a trip to the U.S. Capital? Looking for accommodations and dining in Washington, D.C. can be challenging, especially if you are looking for a place that isn’t crowded or overpriced. Instead, consider checking out D.C.’s western neighbor – Arlington, Virginia. Take a look at these top reasons to head to Arlington (whether it’s on […]

Customer Feedback!

The BusBank appreciates its customer and the feedback, stories and photos from your charter bus experiences. This information is invaluable to us providing quality service to you as customers.

Bus Charters in NYC to Radio City

As one of New York City’s premier entertainment venues, Radio City Music Hall has played host to Frank Sinatra, Billy Crystal, Riverdance, The Eurythmics, Liza Minnelli, Sting, 98 Degrees, and the famous Radio City Rockettes.

Fans of live entertainment flock to the famous theater and out-of-town visitors regularly add a Radio City performance to their trip itinerary. And while planning a group trip to New York can be pricey and overwhelming, a visit to Radio City need not be. Here’s the scoop on getting the most out of your visit to Radio City:

Student Travel to The Alamo

the alamo san antonio tx 300x195 1 1

As one of San Antonio’s most famous attractions, the Alamo is a top destination for tourists of all ages. But it’s especially well suited for school trips. Why? Consider…