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South by Southwest Music and Media Conference is a ten-day festival that takes place in Austin, Texas. This festival focuses on technology, film, and music and is one of the largest festivals in the United States.  2011 was the 25th anniversary of the event and this year. Ubisoft was looking for a way to launch their new game Rocksmith to this key group of movers in shakers of both the technology field and the music field, so they reached out to The BusBank.

Mark LaRocca, a senior account executive, received a call from Ubisoft and began working on the request. This was not Mark’s first experience with handling bus wraps as just recently Mark had come thru for another client, North Face at the recent 2011 X-Games Competition. He was able quickly get them over design templates and work to reserve the buses. Additionally, he began handling the logistics ensuring the bus could be wrapped in time for the event.

These are just two of the recent successes from The BusBank team members and we look forward to many more. If you have, a large event or need to market a new product a bus might be the method for you. Here are some of the ways that past clients have used these branded buses:

  • •    Mobile Marketing as the bus was branded with company logos or products
  • •    A Safe Haven from chaos: With all the crowds, and chaos of the show riders could easily use that bus as a private space to relax between runs.
  • •    Food and other refreshments were present to provide a snack as the days were long
  • •    Mobile office: Stay connected via WI-Fi while on board the bus.
  • •    Event Shuttles: Take Customers to special private parties

The BusBank is the Industry leader in providing a single source for a chartering a bus anytime, anywhere in North America. We strive to continue to be the smart and easy way to charter a bus and custom event transportation solutions is just one of the areas we excel.