Group Transportation: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to planning a group trip, deciding on what transportation your group will rely on is one of the most important decisions you will make. Air travel can get expensive really quickly and never seems to go according to plan or schedule. Carpooling is an inefficient hassle that all but ensures everyone arrives exhausted. Carpooling separates groups and makes travel disorganized. Those traveling as a group prefer to stick together; this way you avoid the risk of people getting lost and make travel a group activity that you get to enjoy together rather than an inconvenience you have to endure. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that expert group organizers turn to charter bus travel time and time again. Charter travel is comfortable, convenient, customizable, efficient, and keeps the whole group together, on schedule, and arriving recharged and ready to go! Whether you’re arranging transportation for a sports team, business, organization, school, club, big family reunion, or more, for those interested in trying out charter vehicle transportation to reduce your stress and your costs, we’ve prepared a helpful guide with everything you need to know!

Group Transportation Experts

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Charter Bus & Mini Bus Rental Packages

Perhaps the best advantage of choosing charter travel for your group transportation services is that everything is up to you! Charter services are fully customizable and are designed to fit not only your individual needs but also your budget. Whether you’re looking to charter a passenger van, a school bus, a luxury motorcoach, or anything in between, with charter travel, you can customize everything about your group transportation. You pick the vehicle, the amenities, the schedule, the pick-up location – everything! So the best place to start when it comes to charter transportation is your needs! 

Get Matched with The Perfect Vehicle for YOU

When you think of “charter transportation” the image of a traditional motorcoach probably springs to mind. While that is a popular option for group travel, it’s only one of many vehicle types available to you for your next trip. From the party bus to the school bus, there is a wide range of options available to you to suit the occasion. Shuttle services, corporate events, school trips, sporting events, bachelorette parties, airport transfers, wedding transportation, and many more special events rely on group transportation that is reliable, efficient, and affordable.

Motorcoach Charter Buses

Suitable for a wide range of activities from wedding parties to field trips and everything in between, our deluxe motor coaches are comfortable, efficient, and affordable. Motorcoaches are perfect for large groups with large seating capacities and plenty of storage space. These vehicles put space and comfort at the top of the list making them perfect for longer trips. Offering some of the best per-passenger value, perfect for even long-distance trips, and with options like TVs, WiFi, restrooms, and more, a private bus is a popular option to suit a variety of transportation needs. Other options of motor coaches like the executive motorcoach, which offers passengers a higher level of luxury, affording you even more options.
    Deluxe Motor Coach Charter  

Minibus Charter

Perfect for groups that don’t need the full seating capacity of a motorcoach or for groups that are traveling shorter distances, minibus charter can help you save big! You still have access to features like WiFi, comfortable seating, plenty of storage, TVs, and more, but in a more efficient package for medium-sized groups. Bridal parties, corporate VIPs, or any group that wants to ride in luxury can opt for the luxury minibus option. Larger groups can still get many of the cost-saving advantages of a minibus with much of the capacity of a standard motorcoach by chartering a mid-size coach bus.
    side view of white minibus  

Passenger Van Charter

Whether you’re in need of a corporate/airport shuttle, wedding shuttle, or simply looking to arrange transportation for a smaller group, the passenger van is another popular and efficient option. Used for everything from small field trips, to corporate transportation, to shuttle bus rental, the passenger van offers tremendous value. Our luxury sprinter vans offer a higher level of comfort and luxury for corporate VIPs, bridal parties, corporate meetings, or anyone who wants to enjoy plush leather interiors, comfortable reclining seats, and more!
    side view of passenger van

More Charter Options

If you are arranging group transportation for an occasion that calls for a school bus, a party bus, or anything in between, give us a call! Our account executives are happy to help you hone in on the perfect vehicle for your needs. We will also give you a free quote, and help guide you through the booking process. Arranging transportation for your group has never been easier.

Who Drives a Charter Bus?

Unlike a car rental, chartering a vehicle means you don’t have to worry about driving. BusBank sources drivers from a network of fully licensed and insured professional drivers, making your group travel experience hassle-free from pick-up to drop-off. No more worrying about whose turn it is to drive or outrageous insurance fees. Our drivers are professional, qualified, and friendly!

How Much Does Chartering Cost?

Chartering a vehicle is one of the most cost-effective methods of group transportation. The per-passenger cost is typically much lower than other common methods of travel. To get a general idea of what your costs may be, check out our handy pricing guide. If you want a more accurate estimate of the cost of your bus charter services, don’t forget, you can always call us for a free quote, or get an estimate online!