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The BusBank is a comprehensive group and event transportation management company headquartered in Chicago. We are the industry pioneer and leader in providing a single-source for chartering a bus anywhere in North America. Our experience is broad and diverse and we arrange charters for thousands of customers each year. The scope of our service ranges from simple one-day outings to large events such as: trade-shows, conventions, sporting events and large scale music festivals. BusBankĀ  has also started a single ticket bus service for events under the FestDrive brand. In 2018, BusBank acquired Buster.com an online bus booking platform that allows for users to book a bus in a few simple clicks. Note: We do not own buses, we’re not local bus owners and we’re not brokers. By working with independent operators rather than owning buses, we maintain the flexibility to customize transportation solutions that fit the needs of the customer and situation. Our network of independent bus operators is the largest of its kind in North America. BusBank works with charter bus operators everyday so we have an in-depth knowledge of how the industry works. We have established partnerships and relationships with our operator network that allows us to deliver a consistently superior customer experience.

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