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Traveling with a large group can be extremely stressful, however, scheduling a charter bus ride can alleviate logistical stress and make sure all passengers in your group arrive on-time and safe. Lucky for you, we’re the best charter bus company in Oklahoma City! Our scope of service ranges from long-distance charter bus travel to local charter bus travel, and our itineraries are fully customizable to service your trip. We can accommodate all event types, from bachelorette & bachelor parties to corporate events, and we’re here to serve you and make sure you’re satisfied.

All bus charters are matched with an operator that owns their own vehicle and is certified by the US Department of Transportation. We have access to a large fleet and have vehicles equipped to meet all of your needs. We offer economical school bus rentals, shuttle bus rentals, party bus rentals, full-sized motorcoaches, minibus rentals and more. We can get you to wherever you’re headed in the Oklahoma City area, and can do pick-ups and drop-offs almost anywhere. Don’t hesitate, grab a charter bus with BusBank and get to your destination in the best charter bus transportation solution the industry has to offer. We’re Trustpilot verified and have customer reviews to back up our claims. Give us a ring at (866) 428-7226 for a free quote and we’ll take care of your charter bus rental needs!

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Why Rent with BusBank?

  • We are the premier charter bus company in Oklahoma City and offer a plethora of vehicles to service your trip.
  • All operators are insured and own their vehicles; we’ll make sure you’re safe and covered.
  • We have years of logistics management experience.
  • We know how to get our vehicles in and out of all the top destinations in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Party Bus Rental

Schedule charter bus transportation for your big night with BusBank. We offer amazing party bus rentals at a great price, starting between $1150-1400 for 4-12 hour rentals. Our fleet can accommodate all events whether it’s bachelor/bachelorette parties or just a high octane night out on the town here in Oklahoma City. Our party bus rentals can fit between 12-30 passengers and we’ll pick you up and drop you off at the destination of your liking. Longer rentals allow us to pick you up, drop you off at the venue, and then pick you up when the night’s over. The best part about renting a party bus is that you’ll be able to drink with your friends and not have to worry about how you’re getting home, we’ll drive you home after a big night of drinking! We can schedule limo rentals and other vehicle types as well to make sure your outing is a success. Whatever you need, we at BusBank will do our absolute best to provide it for you. We’re also not your average charter bus company and can recommend some places for you to check out on a big night.

Grab a charter bus and head over to DollHouse OKC. It’s a weekend hotspot in town that hosts burlesque dancers and a great cocktail venue, being a perfect location for a party bus night out. Enjoy a cocktail and watch a burlesque show, all while being in a club environment. Another place worth checking out would be the Greystone Lounge in Bricktown. It’s a nightclub that offers a lounge-esque environment and a posh vibe. The music is always pumping at Greystone and you’ll have no choice but to dance and join in on the fun. Bus transportation is the best option for local party travel, and we’re the best in the business. Don’t hesitate, book a party bus and take on OKC’s nightlife!

DollHouse OKC

Address: 311 E Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
Tel: (405) 664-7759

Greystone Lounge

Address: 210 E Sheridan Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104
Tel: (405) 446-0577

Sightseeing & Education Related Bus Rentals in Oklahoma City

We’re an incredibly versatile bus company, specializing in bus rentals for sightseeing tours and education travel in Oklahoma. For sightseeing travel, multiple bus types can be used depending on the size of your group. Motor coach rentals are our largest option and can fit between 42-61 passengers comfortably. We also offer mini bus rentals, shuttle bus rentals, school bus rentals, and more. The best thing about renting from us is that we have a versatile fleet and multiple vehicle types can be booked on multiple days if needed. You can rent both a motor coach and a mini bus to account for the size of your party, or rent any of our other bus types. School field trips are something we can do as well, with school bus rentals being one of our most affordable options. School buses can fit 44 adults or 65 children and start at $395 for a 4 hour rental, but aren’t as comfortable as a coach bus that starts at $685 for 4 hours. We recommend longer rentals for these kinds of trips, and we’ll work with you to schedule your itinerary.

Checking out the Oklahoma City zoo is mandatory when seeing what this great city has to offer. The zoo sits on 119 acres and is home to more than 1,900 animals. The zoo has some unique exhibits, including elephant exhibits and a butterfly garden.The Expedition Asia exhibit is home to the zoo’s elephants and includes three spacious outdoor yards and a waterfall. The Butterfly Garden contains more than 15,000 plants and is famous for housing a large range of butterflies including the monarch butterfly. Another awesome attraction is the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Your group can explore the diverse history of the American West through artifacts, fine art, demonstrations and more. Grab a bus and explore all of these awesome places, we promise you won’t regret it!

The Oklahoma City Zoo

Address: 2000 Remington Pl, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
Tel: (405) 424-3344

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Address: 1700 NE 63rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Tel: (405) 478-2250

Corporate Travel in Oklahoma City

We understand that large-scale corporate events can be very chaotic when it comes to scheduling corporate transportation, however, the amenity of having a pre-arranged method of travel is key to having a successful event. Members of your team can get lost when arriving at the airport and attempting to schedule travel arrangements to a hotel or venue. The key to making sure that all event attendees arrive on time to your destination and without hiccups is putting them all on the same charter bus or limousine. BusBank can provide your firm with a full-sized shuttle buses, charter buses, and limos to and from your corporate event. Whether you’re flying into Oklahoma City or your firm is located here, we’ll get you to your event or the convention center in one piece and in an up-to-date bus. Our competitive advantage in the industry is that we can provide your firm with multiple bus types on multiple dates as well. Rent a minibus for a smaller corporate group or provide a fully loaded coach bus for a larger event. If needed, you can even rent both a minibus and motorcoach to account for the size of your group. Whether it’s a team-building off-site or a business endeavor, we will ensure that you will have a satisfying experience with us. Recline and relax, let us take care of the vehicle booking. We are very flexible and would love to work with you on booking multiple bus types on the same day or even on different days. We encourage you to take advantage of one of our charter bus rentals and get to your event with a smile on your face.

Hosting clients from out of town? We can shuttle them to wherever you need them in a motor coach that comes equipped with a restroom. We are the industry’s leading brand when it comes to corporate travel and are excited to work with you and your firm to provide the best experience possible! BusBank can arrange airport pickup and we can drop your clients back off at the airport when the meeting’s over! Impress your clients by placing them on BusBank’s fleet; allowing them ease of travel to your corporate event. We also have great amenity options on our corporate charters! Our corporate charters come equipped with on-board Wi-Fi and power outlets, disallowing you or your clients to miss any important emails or work related endeavors despite being on the move.

You and your clients can also take a much needed break from work responsibilities when riding with us on an Oklahoma City bus charter, escaping reality when traveling on a high-end charter bus to your corporate event in Oklahoma City. Our fleet comes equipped with buses or coach rentals with large amounts of storage room capable of handling heavy luggage and prompt airport transportation. Book a reservation let us take care of all of your corporate charter bus rental needs as your group transportation company!

Inter-City Bus Travel With BusBank

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If you’re looking to rent a bus to travel to a different city or state, we’ve got that covered too. Check out some of our popular destinations below and plan your getaway with BusBank.

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