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Hollywood has made Los Angeles into the home of movie stars, celebrities, and hardworking folks whom simply want to enjoy a little of the Southern California sunshine. Scenic coastal views, famous attractions, and the highest United States’ city population, Los Angeles certainly is a place to visit at least once in your lifetime. The BusBank offers specialized charter bus rentals, tour bus transportation, shuttle services, and even party buses (for those individuals whom want to really enjoy a night out on the town). Whether you are a local resident who doesn’t want to wait in traffic to pick up family or friends from LAX or planning a trip to visit this fine city, The BusBank can help you to make all of your travel arrangements.

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Charter Bus Rental Los Angeles

Los Angeles is such a large city, that even residents can have a hard time knowing where to explore. In order to help you plan a fabulous night out or tour around the city during the daylight, we have gathered together a few of the top L.A. destinations.

  • TLC Chinese Theatre: This amazing theatre has been open since May 18, 1927. It offers VIP lounges, private showings, and special events. The TLC Chinese Theatre is a Los Angeles landmark that attracts both tourists and celebrities from all over the world.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame: The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a must-see Los Angeles destination. Once you have toured the street’s array of famed Hollywood stars, your BusBank driver will pick you up to take you to the next brilliant L.A. destination.
  • Paramount Pictures: The BusBank is ready to take you to where movie magic is made. Enjoy a tour of Paramount Pictures and learn about how one of Hollywood’s only remaining production studios produces timeless classics.
  • Sunset Boulevard: This famous street can be found in the western part of Los Angeles County. It stretches from Figuero Street in downtown L.A. to the Pacific Coast Highway. Do you want to know the best part about Sunset Boulevard? It is simply perfect for an open-roof double-decker tour bus. You can enjoy the ocean breeze as you watch the beautiful scenery whip by.
  • Rodeo Drive: Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” helped to increase the popularity of Rodeo Drive. This famous stretch of pavement offers visitors a chance to gawk at celebrities as they shop at the most expensive stores in the region.
  • Beaches: Los Angeles offers residents and visitors a chance to enjoy the California sun, a little fishing, and a lot of people watching, all from the luxury of a beach cabana. The most popular beaches include, Venice Beach, Zuma Beach, and the Santa Monica Pier and Beach.
  • Nightlife: The BusBank is happy to offer Los Angeles party bus options for 21 (and older) groups that are interested in experiencing the famed L.A. nightlife. A party bus allows you to enjoy the night responsibly, without having to worry about driving to your next destination. The BusBank party busses feature: disco lights, an impressive sound-system, liquor (21 and older only), and reliable transportation to and from your favorite L.A. party spots

When it comes to planning your next day-trip or week-long adventure to Los Angeles, be sure to keep The BusBank in mind for all of your travel options. No one wants to sit in traffic during their vacation, which is why The BusBank offers luxury bus transportation options that will make you feel as if you never left your hotel room. To learn more about our various bus travel solutions please contact a member of The BusBank Los Angeles team, we would be happy to assist you with all of your travel needs to, from, and around L.A.

Travel Groups that Can Benefit from The BusBank Los Angeles Charter Bus Service(s)

The BusBank’s Los Angeles charter bus account executives are standing by to help you plan your next tour of this great city. Our number one goal is to ensure that you have an enjoyable, comfortable, and on-time arrival to your L.A. destination(s).

  • Corporate Transportation: Renting a bus for corporate travel is the perfect transportation solution for a city that is notorious for traffic jams at all hours of the day. We offer travel accommodations for multi-destination outings, daily employee shuttle services, and hotel, airport, or event transportation. So, sit-back and relax as your next corporate outing goes off without a hitch.
  • Sports Team Travel: BusBank offers private, luxury busses that are perfect for transporting a professional sports team and all of their gear. We have worked with the: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NPSL, NCAA, and various local leagues across North America. The next time that your team needs to travel outside of the prying media eyes, be sure to keep our secure, tinted windows, locked storage units, and catered bus transportation services in mind.
  • Educational Travel and Field Trips: The BusBank provides convenient, reliable, and comfortable travel bus solutions for school trips to any Los Angeles destination. Whether you are interested in taking your students on an overnight trip out of the city or simply want to enjoy an L.A. Dodgers game, The BusBank is here to make sure that the entire group arrives worry-free and on-time.
  • Weddings and Family Outings: Each month we exceed the expectations of hundreds of families. No need to worry about traffic jams on your special day, The BusBank drivers are well-equipped to navigate through Los Angeles’ busy streets. We are ready to help make your wedding day as stress free as possible, as you and your bridal party travel throughout the city for the perfect wedding day photo opportunities.

Did you have another group travel opportunity in mind? If so, simply contact The BusBank with your custom charter request. Whether you need an executive coach, deluxe motor coach, sleeper coach, mini-bus, school bus, or even a trolley, The BusBank can provide you with the perfect Los Angeles bus transportation solutions.