Renting a Charter Bus in Philadelphia with BusBank


Looking to schedule transportation or transit options for your group in Philadelphia? Maybe rent a charter bus? BusBank is the industry’s leading charter bus rental service in Philadelphia. We are experts when it comes to corporate transportation, education travel, private charter rentals, general bus travel, and wedding transportation. BusBank is equipped to service any vertical in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas including King of Prussia and Westchester.

BusBank’s Philadelphia bus rental account executives are standing by to help you plan your next bus endeavor in this great city. Our number one goal is to ensure that you have an enjoyable and on-time arrival to wherever you’re headed in Philly. Let us take care of all of your bus rental needs and booking needs. Please contact us at 1-866-428-7226 regarding all enquiries for your next trip and a free quote.

Need to rent a charter bus in Philadelphia?

Traveling with a large group in the Philadelphia area? We’ve got you covered. Here at BusBank we will make sure that your trip will adhere to all of your quality standards with our professional drivers and state-of-the-art rental fleet. Have ease of access to multiple charter buses no matter the occasion and travel with us in a well maintained charter bus any day of the week! BusBank has access to THE premier fleet of charter buses in Pennsylvania, being one of the top transportation companies in the state of Pennsylvania.

We understand that all trips need to be planned thoroughly and BusBank is more than delighted to make sure all of your group trips go according to your desired plan. We also understand that keeping your group safe is a key priority in addition to keeping them entertained and organized! Safety and compliance are of the utmost importance to us here at BusBank. Our service is home to safe and reputable vehicles along with professional operators! All operators available through BusBank are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet US Department of Transportation safety and insurance standards. Every driver is required to own and maintain their vehicles. We can provide coach buses, trolley rentals, tour buses, airport transportation, and even limousine service. Our scope of service covers a large range and we are more than happy to service most verticals when it comes to bus travel/arranged travel in Philly and surrounding suburbs.

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Education Related Charters in Philly

School field trips to the City of Brotherly Love are quite common due to Philadelphia’s stark importance in American History. Take advantage of our charter bus services and get your school kids to Philadelphia in a safe manner. Children and schools from all across the state of Pennsylvania and even metro areas as far away as New York City venture into Philadelphia to experience the city that was at the heart of the American revolution. Philadelphia is an important city in regards to America’s struggle for freedom, relinquishment of British governance, and independence. BusBank will pick up your class and charter them in one of our school bus rentals to the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall. Take a school bus to the Philadelphia Zoo in West Philadelphia and check out the 1,300 animals housed there. The zoo is located on the west bank of the Schuylkill River and is a premier location for one of our school bus rentals!

There are so many things to do in Philly regarding education travel and field trips. Educate your class about Philadelphia’s awesome history and let our younger generation know about the greatness of our founding fathers and their awesome achievements! School bus rentals in Philadelphia and the Philadelphia area can shuttle people in and out of the city in a stress-free manner with an on-time arrival to all of your destinations. Not keen on using a school bus to reach your destination? As an alternative to school bus rentals, BusBank offers full-sized motorcoach rentals that are equipped with restrooms and are air conditioned. A school bus does not have a bathroom, and this causes nothing but delays! Traveling with a group of children is stressful enough, now imagine having to constantly stop for bathroom breaks. Motorcoach rentals ensure that you will always be on the move without the need to stop at rest stops. Check out all of our bus rental options, we have everything you need for your trip. BusBank is a one-stop shop, look no further than us and let us be your Philadelphia transportation company!

The tradition of prom for high schoolers is a key part of American culture. BusBank is not your average bus company and we will make sure your class has an unforgettable experience on this milestone night. Need a ride from Chestnut Hill to your prom venue? Maybe a ride to the Delaware River to take some pictures that you’ll remember forever? Rent a limousine or coach from us and let your professional driver take you to your event in a safe manner. Utilizing any of our bus options to get you to your event would be the icing on the cake to having an excellent time with your school mates.



Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA

Popular School Field Trip Locations

Liberty Bell Center
526 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106. Tel: 215-965-2305.

Philadelphia Zoo
3400 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104 Tel: 215-243-1100

Independence Hall
520 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA Tel: 215-965-2305

Wedding Related Charters in Philadelphia

Wedding related travel is one of our very many specialities at Busbank. Wedding travel accommodations are extremely stressful, if proper transportation is not arranged guests can get stranded or arrive late to key events such as the rehearsal dinner. A wedding is an event that will be remembered for the rest of your life, and it needs to go off without any problems! Wedding needs will be thoroughly accommodated and we pride ourselves on delivering top tier results to our wedding clients. We have many types of vehicles that can be used for any purpose, and will help you during the booking process to select the charter that makes the most sense for your situation and guests.

When it comes to wedding related transportation, limousines and limousine rental services are the gold standard. BusBank can provide your wedding guests or bridal party with awesome multi-day limousine options, but we have much more to offer than just limousines. Wedding Limos can be expensive and also can limit the amount of passengers taken, while a luxury bus can bring more people and is therefore more logistically efficient. We at BusBank can provide you with all types of bus rentals to make sure your wedding transportation plans are taken care of. Charter a party bus for your wedding guests and make sure everybody arrives at the same time and all together, drinking alcohol on the way to celebrate the newlyweds! Coach buses are a viable option with BusBank as well due to them being spacious and comfortable to ride in. As stated earlier, limousines cannot fit as many people as your traditional party bus and can cause logistical issues for big weddings! Renting a party or minibus for a wedding is a great limo alternative as your guests can enjoy alcohol and in a great and spacious environment. Take your wedding party to the wedding venue in style with an up-to-date coach, and even customize the route you will be taking. We can also service bridal parties and bachelorette parties, rent a coach from your friendly neighborhood Philadelphia charter bus firm and take your bridal party to the next level and arrive in luxury!

Whether we’re shuttling you to the venue or the rehearsal dinner, BusBank will make sure you and guests have a day to remember. It would be an absolute honor for us to be a part of your special day. We are available to service all groups and sizes in the Tri-State area and can use I-95 to access any immediate wedding venues or wedding vendors in the region. No matter what route you take, whether it be renting a coach or a trolley for your wedding we will be prepared with a professional chauffeur or driver that will accommodate your needs!



Romantic Wedding in Philadelphia, PA

Corporate Travel in Philadelphia

Flying into Philadelphia International Airport to attend a conference or corporate event? We can provide airport shuttle service to and from your destination. We understand that corporate events can be very chaotic when it comes to scheduling travel. Company and business related travel is taken very seriously by us and we will make sure all company employees and your clients have an excellent experience when working with us. Members of your team can get lost when arriving at the airport and attempting to schedule travel arrangements to a hotel or venue. The key to making sure that all event attendees arrive on time and without hiccups is putting them all on one of our premier motorcoaches or shuttle buses! BusBank can provide your firm with shuttle or charter buses to and from the hotel and then back to the airport when it’s time to return home from your event.

Hosting clients from out of town? Heading to conventions with them? Wanting to take your company on a tour of center city? We are the industry’s leading brand when it comes to corporate travel and are excited to work with you and your firm to provide the best experience possible! Impress your clients by placing them on BusBank’s fleet; allowing them ease of travel to your corporate event. Get them to the convention or meeting place without any transit hiccups! Don’t worry, BusBank has your company covered when it comes to your corporate travel needs no matter what route you decide to take.



Don't be late for those important corporate meetings and events.

Charter Bus Rentals: A Great Alternative to SEPTA and Public Transit or Trains

Using a public transportation alternative such as SEPTA to transport groups in and out of Philadelphia can be chaotic due to frequent delays and sheer cost. Scratch taking a train! Waiting at a station forever is no fun, take a bus instead! A public transportation system such as SEPTA is notorious for delays and outdated SEPTA is an above ground commuter rail service that supports the Philadelphia area, similar to others rails such as the Metra in Chicago or the Long Island RailRoad in New York. Commuters from New Jersey and the Philadelphia metro area use this rail to travel to work, and it can be used for basic group travel too. It is often overcrowded and can be a nightmare when it comes to transit options in Philadelphia. Instead of using a school bus, trolley, or using a train system such as SEPTA, your group can choose to rent a motorcoach that is air-conditioned and equipped with a restroom. Groups could use a commuter rail system such as SEPTA to facilitate group travel but the rail system is out of date and thus subject to delays. Trash cans, restrooms, and even running water are not present on any SEPTA commuter rail lines; a nightmare when it comes to traveling with a large group. If one person must desperately use the bathroom during a train ride into Philadelphia, it could potentially be a disastrous situation as your group would have to disembark at a station such as the University City station or Temple University station.

Transportation outlets such as public trains and buses are a volatile option when it comes to group travel and we really stress the importance of private group travel! Taking SEPTA or AMTRAK to travel in and out of Philadelphia is costly and can be a nightmare, albeit easily solved by renting a bus from us. Taking an easy route such as public transit will cause nothing but delays and headaches, and can cumulatively be more expensive than a private rental. Don’t let the hassle of public transportation make your group outing fail, stay together on one of our coach buses or even a trolley rental.



Charter an SUV, Sprinter Van, or Coach Bus for your next trip to Philadelphia

Group Travel and Sightseeing: Done Better with Charter Bus Rentals.

Philadelphia has a lot to offer in the sightseeing space. Philadelphia’s sightseeing options alone are enough to visit this cool town. Take a tour and utilize one of our trolley rentals and make your way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Philadelphia Museum boasts over 750,000 annual visitors and is home to the famous steps made known in the Rocky movies. The museum is also home to one of the largest art collections in the world and would be a perfect destination for a trip to Philadelphia.

A trolley rental can be utilized to roam around downtown Philadelphia to grab a cheesesteak or check out the Eastern State Penitentiary. The Eastern State Penitentiary was opened in 1829 and is considered the world’s first penitentiary. The prison is known for its small corridors and doors, thought to be designed to minimize prisoner mobility in order to reduce attacks on guards. The prison’s accommodations were advanced for its time, including running water and toilets that were flushed manually by the guards on a strict schedule. A tour of the prison is a must, and taking advantage of a bus rental to get there is a great way to enjoy philly for town guests. BusBank would love to take you to these locations with a smile on our faces… let us enjoy the big day with you!



Geno's: The #1 place to get the famous Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia, PA

Popular School Field Trip Locations

Eastern State Penitentiary
2027 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130 Tel: (215) 236-3300

Philadelphia Museum of Art
2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130 Tel: 1 (215) 763-8100

The BusBank Advantage

We take pride in our work here at BusBank, and we want you to be happy with us too. We promise that your time in Philadelphia will be great and we are more than just a charter bus company, we are a team that is dedicated to client satisfaction. From making sure your wedding day is special, to making sure your whole school has a great field trip, we really love arranging transportation for our clients and making them happy. We would be delighted to have you book your trip with us and experience the great city of Philadelphia on a fun and reliable bus!