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A bus wrap is a fantastic idea for any business or corporation making a trip, attending a convention or just going for a business outing. BusBank has executed many bus wraps and decals for our clients in the past and have received nothing but positive feedback for our work. The wrap is non-destructive, easily applied and removed, and well worth the expense.

Lil Pump wrap 2019

Why Bus Wraps?

A Promotion Drivers and Passengers Will Never Forget

According to National Atlas, there are over four million miles of roads and streets in the United States. That’s four million different opportunities to help increase your brand and presence to awaiting customers. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration currently estimates that there are over 200 million drivers in the United States. To recap, that’s four million miles, 200 million drivers, and millions of untapped resources for promoting your company’s image. The BusBank utilizes a vast knowledge of U.S. demographics to help promote your company thru: bus wraps, bus decals, social media, co-branded landing pages, and blog posting. We understand that when individuals are on a road trip, they are met with countess visual stimuli. By creating impressive visual displays, we can encourage potential consumers to begin to follow your company’s online presence. In this vein, we encourage an active social media community and support businesses that wish to join social media forces. To learn more about the effectiveness of a bus wrap or decal, please view our case study on bus wrap pricing and different styles. Bus wraps and decals are one of the most effective, efficient, and popular ways to show off your brand to a large audience of prospective customers. Nothing shouts brand awareness quite like using four-sided canvasses to promote your company’s message on the side of a bus. Say goodbye to simply placing your company’s logo in the Yellow Pages or on a park bench. 

The benefits to purchasing BusBank bus wraps and decals

Real Bus Wraps In Action

Ludacriss Wrap
Queen Meg 2010 Bus Wrap
Rocksmith Bus Wrap

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Bus Wrap Styles and Pricing

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