Employee Shuttle Pricing

More and more businesses are offering employee shuttles, and with BusBank, shuttling employees from A to B is as simple as it sounds – that means you don’t have to deal with logistical headaches or overpaying on transportation.

How Affordable Are Employee Shuttles with BusBank?

With those costs as a basic starting point, it is important to note that there are some factors that can impact your costs. One of the ways that we’re committed to saving you on costs is by negotiating deals for your regular transportation needs for custom routes.  Another factor to consider is when your employees will be requiring transportation. During peak season, fleet availability can impact your costs. We recommend scheduling your employee shuttle charter as far in advance as possible.  Our reservation experts will help secure you the vehicles, services, and amenities you need.  The best way to get an accurate idea of your costs and to start saving today is to talk to one of our experts for a free quote. 

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Popular Vehicles Choices

No matter if it’s a school bus, mini bus or motor coach, BusBank has a wide variety of charter bus options for your group charte needs.

luxury sprinter van

Employee Shuttle Charter Van​

Passenger vans are another popular option for employee shuttle services. These budget-friendly vehicles are great for smaller groups of employees. Luxury sprinter vans are a great way to pack in amenities when capacity isn’t your priority. If you have a small to medium group of employees, the luxury passenger van means they can travel in comfort and style at an affordable price point, and features like WiFi, TVs, and plush leather chairs mean they will arrive at their destination relaxed and prepared. 

mini bus pricing

Employee Shuttle Mini Bus

Mini buses are a popular option when it comes to chartering employee shuttle services.They’re comfortable, reliable, convenient, and affordable options for corporate group travel. Our standard mini buses are equipped with comfortable seating, plenty of storage, and standard amenities like air conditioning, PA systems, and other perks. These shuttle buses will comfortably seat about 15 passengers. Passenger mini buses are a common option for airport shuttles or for pick-ups at the train station. We also offer a 29-passenger mid-size coach bus rental which is a common option for employee transportation. These mid-size coaches offer a lot of the features of a standard motorcoach, but in a slightly smaller package and at a much more affordable price. 

motor coach bus pricing

Options for Larger Groups

Our employee shuttle services aren’t limited to small groups of employees. If you need to arrange shuttle transportation for larger groups of employees, we’ve got you covered. Our deluxe motor coaches have room for 39 passengers. At capacity, they’re actually one of the most economical options for shuttling employees. Employees will also enjoy the benefits of additional legroom and headroom, air-ride comfort, comfortable reclining seats, TVs, plenty of storage space, and more!

Bus Pricing Estimates

Van Pricing

Mini Bus Pricing

Larger Vehicle Pricing

More About Employee Shuttles

Commuter Shuttles: Ride in Comfort. Arrive Refreshed.

From San Francisco to New York City, BusBank’s group transportation services are relied on for an excellent experience at an affordable price.

We specialize in corporate transportation and private shuttle bus services. With social distancing concerns, public transportation is falling out of favor for employee transportation. Our reservation team will work with you to match you with a comfortable charter bus or passenger minibus, a fully licensed professional driver, and everything you need to ensure employees arrive refreshed for the workday. Plenty of overhead storage for briefcases and backpacks, outlets for keeping laptops and devices charged, and comfortable seating are just some of the features that help workers arrive ready to go. For corporate VIPs our executive shuttles are packed with amenities and comfort options. ADA compliant ramps and lifts are also available on request.

BusBank is the premier bus company in the country bringing you comfortable transportation at an affordable price and offering long-term contracts to help you save even more. Call now to find out more about how we can solve your employee shuttle and corporate transportation needs. 

Planning for Shuttles

What to Remember about Shuttles

Corporate shuttles are increasing in popularity for businesses that want to reduce carbon emissions, take advantage of offsite parking, or simply offer their employees a way to travel to and from hotels, conferences, airports, etc. with comfort, ease, and dependability. Commuter transportation services are a great option for commuting employees from an offsite parking location to a job site, for avoiding public transit during the pandemic, and for transporting employees over custom routes. While it is possible to get a rough estimate of your employee shuttle costs, we pride ourselves on working with every customer to come up with personalized packages that suit their individual needs and budgets. Our transportation solutions The best and most accurate way to calculate your employee shuttle costs is to speak with one of our experts today for a free quote.

Charter Bus FAQs

Know Before Your Trip

There are a variety of factors that may affect your overall satisfaction with your charter reservation. Destination city, total trip distance, required equipment, and specific bus amenities like WiFi, restrooms, and entertainment systems can affect the outcome and overall price of your trip.

Not to mention special considerations like handicap accessibility, seasonal availability and the additional cost of traveling as a large group. If it seems like there are a lot of factors to consider before you can book your charter transportation, it’s because there are. But you needn’t worry.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right charter bus for your trip, group, and budget. Before you can hit the road, there are some key factors that you should consider.


Charter bus rental prices vary according trip. Every trip is different and every group has different requirements. The last thing you need is to underestimate the bus rental cost, or schedule your trip for the wrong time of year.

We understand the complexities of group travel, and the amount of time and effort you put into planning the perfect trip. Every BusBank charter is custom built to your exact specifications. No matter the trip destination, time of year, or the number of passengers in your group, we make charter transportation as economical, comfortable, and reliable as it can be.

Where you plan to travel may affect the availability of certain charters. Many of the older cities in New England have narrow streets that severely limit where a large coach bus may travel.

The availability of large commercial vehicles also varies from city to city, and region to region. These factors are ultimately figured into the total cost of the charter

The availability and price of charter transportation varies across the country and in different times of year. Bus rates are seasonal, with most day-long and multi-day reservations made when school is in session and in the peak travel months of April, May, and June.

January, February, and July are typically the least expensive months for charter transportation thanks to harsh winter weather. To ensure the availability of your charter vehicle, we recommend booking your trip with BusBank at least 3-6 months in advance.

Charters Buses are typically reserved by the hour, per day, or mileage traveled. Therefore the price of your charter is ultimately determined by how far and how long you’ll be traveling. Long-distance, multi-day trips are more costly than local trips.

Travel planners should also consider additional travel fees into the total cost the charter reservation, such as interstate tolls, parking permits, vehicle passes and the driver’s hotel and gratuit

Ultimately, the most important factor to consider when reserving your BusBank charter is the type and size of the bus needed to accommodate your group and travel requirements. To get the most value from your charter bus, we recommend filling as many seats as possible.

With millions of miles and thousands of charters under our belt, we know a thing or two about charter transportation. You can be assured that everything we do is designed to maximize the fun, convenience and cost efficiency of your trip.

From the luxurious to the economical, we offer a variety of charter bus types and services to ensure you pay the lowest charter bus prices for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our nationwide network of verified and reviewed charter bus operators are timely, reliable, and committed to offering premium service.

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