Charter Bus Rental Prices & Coach
Bus Options

Get started below with our rate chart for Corporate Charter Buses, Minibus Trips,
Wedding Charter Buses, and more.

Bus TypeBus Price Rate:
4-6 hours
Bus Price Rate:
10-12 hours
Motorcoach Charter Bus
Deluxe Bus$685 - $995$925 - $1,495
Executive Coach Bus$1,500 - $2,500$1,500 - $2,500
Entertainer BusCall for pricing & availabilityCall for pricing & availability
School Bus
Full-sized School Bus$350 - $625$700 - $1,100
Mini School Bus$400 - $675$700 - $1,100
Mini Bus
Mini Bus$450 - $835$600 - $1,300
Luxury Mini Bus$550 - $1,000$700 - $1,500
Mid-Size Coach$475 - $900$650 - $1,300
Basic Van$425 - $800$600 - $1,000
Luxury Sprinter Van$550 - $1250$1,000 - $1,600
Strech Limousines$300 - $600
SUV Strech Limousines$550 - $900
Specialty Vehicles
Party Bus$1,500 - $2,100
Luxury Party Bus$1,800 - $2,500
TrolleyCall for pricing & availability
Bus Wraps
Bus Wraps$2,500 + (Ribbon)$13,000 + (Full Wrap)

Wedding Shuttles

Weddings are stressful enough without worrying about wedding day transportation and bus rental cost. Fortunately, it has never been easier to charter wedding day transportation. BusBank’s premium wedding service ensures that your wedding day transportation is seamless, stress-free and entirely painless.

From bachelor(ette) parties to shuttling grandma to and from the airport, our fleet of Luxury Party Buses, Executive Motor Coaches and Stretch Limousines are equipped with elegant leather interiors and available for all of your wedding day transportation needs.

No matter the number of guests, the location of the ceremony or the size of the budget, we take the stress out of wedding day transportation.

Suggested Wedding Charter Bus Rental(s): Wedding Day Charter Rental(s) Price Estimate:
  • $685 - $2,500

Corporate Bus Rentals & Charters

At BusBank we know exactly how much time, energy and effort goes into planning a corporate event. Our team of corporate travel experts are committed to providing premium charter bus service, and
eliminating the stress of corporate travel.

From meetings to conventions, airport shuttles to VIP transportation, we make corporate travel as efficient, convenient and cost effective as possible. Our fleet of corporate charter vehicles is dependable and equipped with a host of comfortable amenities like leather seats and wifi to keep your team on line, productive and comfortable.

Suggested Corporate Charter Bus Rental(s): Corporate Charter Rental(s) Price Estimate:
  • $685 - $2,500

Convention Shuttles

From the thousands of guests in attendance, to simply navigating the parking lot, conventions can be a logistical nightmare. That’s why you should trust the convention transportation experts at BusBank.

Our goal is to provide worry-free convention shuttles and
transportation, including airport and hotel shuttles, VIP Sedan, SUV and Limo transfers and local service for group tours, entertainment and events.

To simplify the complex process of managing convention
transportation, we offer On-site Staffing and logistics as well as On-site Signage, Sponsored Bus Wraps and even Headrest Covers. Let’s not forget our fleet of luxury charter vehicles equipped with everything a convention goer needs to stay connected and comfortable.

Suggested Convention Charter Rental(s): Convention Charter Rental(s) Price Estimate:
  • $478 - $1,000

Disaster Relief Transport

At BusBank, disaster relief transport is one of our highest priorities. We focus our efforts on the development and execution of mass scale emergency evacuation plans, and the relocation of the thousands of people in their time of need.

Our staff is trained in disaster relief transport, including internal
planning, operations, and providing approximate response times from charter reservation to dispatch, and from pick up to drop off.

Our extensive network of operators is poised and ready to assist in the greatest time of need. Contact us today if you need to arrange disaster relief transport and emergency evacuation.

Suggested Disaster Relief Charter Rental(s): Disaster Relief Charter Rental(s) Price Estimate:
  • $425 - $835

College & Greek Life Bus Rentals

College is tough, but booking affordable group transportation doesn’t have to be. BusBank is your college transportation solution on and off campus. From local formals to trips across the state, BusBank is the answer to crowding in your buddies car or buying an expensive plane ticket.

Our extensive fleet of charter vehicles and nationwide operator network means we have the perfect vehicle in store for your group, and your budget. Need help planning your college and Greek life bus rentals? Contact our team of travel experts for help finding the perfect charter.

Suggested College Charter Rental(s):
  • Full-Size School Bus Rental
  • Mid-size Coach Rental
  • Deluxe Motor Coach Rental
College Charter Rental(s) Price Estimate:
  • $350 - $995

Sports Team Charter Bus

Whether you’re a horde of rowdy fans or a group of friends looking to tailgate, there is no better way to transport the team to the big game than with BusBank. A charter bus rental eliminates all the hassle of game day travel.

Arrive at the game when you choose. Bring as many passengers as you like and all the gear you can fit. Your driver will be waiting for you before and after the game. Knock game day transportation out of the park and book your athletic and team travel with BusBank.

Suggested Sports Team Charter Bus Rental(s):
  • Basic Van Rental
  • Basic Van Rental
  • Deluxe Motor Coach Rental
Sports Team Charter Bus Rental(s) Price Estimate:
  • $350 - $995

Public Event & Festivals

Whether you are an event coordinator or a festival goer, the success of your festival depends on convenient, efficient, and affordable transportation. We understand the needs of festival goers, and the importance of arriving on time.

From weather delays to last minute lineup changes, our team of experienced festival transportation coordinators have seen it all, and are prepared for anything.

We offer on-site staffing for last minute logistical issues, and to make it easy for your group to get to and from the Festival. We have worked with many of the biggest names in North American Festivals and can’t wait to put our expertise to work for you.

Suggested Public Events & Festival Charter Bus Rental(s):
  • Luxury Mini Bus Rental
  • Executive Motor Coach Rental
Public Event & Festival Charter Bus Rental(s) Price Estimate
  • $550 - $2,500

School Event Charter Bus

When it comes to school event charter bus rentals, there is no better choice than the iconic yellow school bus. BusBank is the leader in academic transportation; providing safe, reliable and cost effective transportation for school events, field trips and more.

When you book with BusBank you guarantee that your school bus charter will have high-quality drivers, kid-friendly staff and all the proper levels of insurance. We have buses to fit every class size, any occasion, and all types of budgets. But you’ll have to provide the chaperones.

Suggested Academic Charter Bus Rental(s):
  • Full-Size School Bus Rental
  • Mini School Bus Rental
  • Mid-Size Coach Bus Rental
Academic Charter Bus Rental(s) Price Estimate:
  • $350 - $900

Political Bus Charter & Rentals

What better way to meet your constituents than a campaign bus. From national tours to campaigns for local office, BusBank is the political bus charter and rental experts. With BusBank you get more than a luxury campaign bus, you get a staff of trained travel coordinators who specialize in working with skilled event planners, campaign managers, and campaign staff.

We also offer political event transportation services, on-site staffing, political based bus wraps and logistical support; everything the busy politician needs to stay on schedule, in budget, and on message.

Suggested Political Bus Charter & Rentals Charter Rental(s):
  • Executive Motor Coach Bus Rental
  • Entertainer Coach Bus Rental
  • Deluxe Motor Coach Bus Rental
Political Bus Charter Rental(s) Price Estimate:
  • $685 - $2,500

Questions to consider before your trip

There are a variety of factors that may affect your overall satisfaction with your charter reservation. Destination city, total trip distance, required equipment, and specific bus amenities like WiFi, restrooms, and entertainment systems can affect the outcome and overall price of your trip.

Not to mention special considerations like handicap accessibility, seasonal availability and the additional cost of traveling as a large group. If it seems like there are a lot of factors to consider before you can book your charter transportation, it’s because there are. But you needn’t worry.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right charter bus for your trip, group, and budget. Before you can hit the road, there are some key factors that you should consider.

How much does a charter bus cost?
  • Charter bus rental prices vary according trip. Every trip is different and every group has different requirements. The last thing you need is to underestimate the bus rental cost, or schedule your trip for the wrong time of year.
  • We understand the complexities of group travel, and the amount of time and effort you put into planning the perfect trip. Every BusBank charter is custom built to your exact specifications. No matter the trip destination, time of year, or the number of passengers in your group, we make charter transportation as economical, comfortable, and reliable as it can be.
What is your travel itinerary?
  • Where you plan to travel may affect the availability of certain charters. Many of the older cities in New England have narrow streets that severely limit where a large coach bus may travel.
  • The availability of large commercial vehicles also varies from city to city, and region to region. These factors are ultimately figured into the total cost of the charter
What time of year is your trip?
  • The availability and price of charter transportation varies across the country and in different times of year. Bus rates are seasonal, with most day-long and multi-day reservations made when school is in session and in the peak travel months of April, May, and June.
  • January, February, and July are typically the least expensive months for charter transportation thanks to harsh winter weather. To ensure the availability of your charter vehicle, we recommend booking your trip with BusBank at least 3-6 months in advance.
Will there be travel fees?
  • Charters Buses are typically reserved by the hour, per day, or mileage traveled. Therefore the price of your charter is ultimately determined by how far and how long you’ll be traveling. Long-distance, multi-day trips are more costly than local trips.
  • Travel planners should also consider additional travel fees into the total cost the charter reservation, such as interstate tolls, parking permits, vehicle passes and the driver’s hotel and gratuit
What bus type and size does your group require?
  • Ultimately, the most important factor to consider when reserving your BusBank charter is the type and size of the bus needed to accommodate your group and travel requirements. To get the most value from your charter bus, we recommend filling as many seats as possible.
Why choose BusBank charter services?
  • With millions of miles and thousands of charters under our belt, we know a thing or two about charter transportation. You can be assured that everything we do is designed to maximize the fun, convenience and cost efficiency of your trip.
  • From the luxurious to the economical, we offer a variety of charter bus types and services to ensure you pay the lowest charter bus prices for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our nationwide network of verified and reviewed charter bus operators are timely, reliable, and committed to offering premium service.