Public Event & Festivals

When it comes to public events and attending festivals, nothing is worse than arriving late or with an ill-timed entrance. Our experienced team members have worked with both small and large festival producers and event planners. We understand that these types of events hinge on the smallest of details; and so, prior to the start of the trip we review the plan down to the minute. Weather delays and last minute changes are the name of the game, so you can count on us to be prepared.   The BusBank provides top-quality charter bus services across North America for ┬álarge scale music festivals, sporting events, mass exits and hotel transportation services. We know that event producers already have a full plate, and so we offer on-site staffing to handle last minute logistical issues.  

Our FestDrive Team:

The BusBank FestDrive Team is prepared to help with your transportation needs for your Festival or Large Event. ┬áThis team is focused on making it easier for attendees to get to and from large scale events and Festivals. FestDrive develops ground transportation solutions with festival producers as a partner to deliver additional revenue streams and added logistics to these complex events. Some of the biggest names in North American Festivals have worked with BusBank’s FestDrive team.
Festival Transportation and Event logistics Team can provide the following:
  • Detailed itineraries that take into account public event and festival schedules.
  • Multiple charter bus solutions that are equipped to handle navigation through crowds, rural areas, and busy city streets.
    • GPS Tracking of Buses
    • Individual Ticket Sales and Rider Pass Programs
    • On-site staff member for logistics.
  • Exemplary service provided to all attendees.
  • Ability to accommodate special travel requests.
To learn more about how The BusBank can help with your public events and festival travel requirements, please call an associate today. We would be happy to answer any and all of your questions! Contact Us