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Featured Amenities of Party Buses



Wifi service

Wifi Services


Air Ride


Flat Screen TVs


Reclining Seats

Rent a Party Bus and Trolley Charters

Party bus rentals are rapidly gaining popularity as a top choice for mid-sized group transportation. Although smaller than a full-sized motorcoach, party buses offer efficiency, affordability, and comfort for medium-sized gatherings. When you need to transport a mid-sized group of guests, a party bus charter is the ideal solution for hassle-free and cozy travel without overspending on a larger vehicle. With BusBank’s extensive fleet, you can enjoy additional savings thanks to our vast array of vehicle options, ranging from a standard party bus to a mid-sized coach and everything in between. Regardless of your group size, travel requirements, and desired amenities, we’ll collaborate with you to find the perfect vehicle to meet your needs and budget!

Real Party Buses In Action

From corporate events to interstate group trips, a Busbank deluxe bus includes everything your team needs to stay comfortable and connected for the entire trip. Check your email, watch TV or lounge in luxurious leather seats – with a Busbank coach bus, you’re as comfortable as you want to be. Whether you’re skiing in Colorado or scuba diving in the Keys, a Busbank motor coach is the ideal mode of transportation for any group. Busbank operates the the highest quality motor coach fleet in the country. Motor coaches come in two different sizes, 36-passenger and 56 passenger. Both sizes come with loads of amenities and enough room for gear, luggage, cargo and anything else your group needs to have a great trip.

Party Bus

Party buses are stylish and versatile transportation options for group events, accommodating anywhere from 15 to 50 passengers. With features like plush seating, state-of-the-art sound systems, and mood lighting, they provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for weddings, corporate outings, and other celebrations.

Party Bus Price Rate
4-6 Hours (minimum):$1,150 – $1,400
10-12 Hours : Call for Pricing & Availability

Trolley Bus

Trolley’s are a piece of specialty equipment and pricing varies greatly on them from place to place. Typically, trolley’s are more expensive than other more common options such as a deluxe motor coach, mini coach, or a school bus. While we would love to offer trolley’s to you anywhere in the country, not every city and town that we service has these available.

Trolley Bus Price Rate
Call for Pricing & Availability

Real Interiors. Real Exteriors.

No matter if it’s a party bus, mini bus or motor coach, BusBank has a wide variety of charter bus options for your group charter needs.

decorating party bus
Mini Bus Charter

Bus Service Examples with Party Buses

No matter if it’s a school bus, mini bus or motor coach, BusBank has a wide variety of charter bus options for your group charter needs.

wedding transportation

Wedding Shuttles in Party Buses

Safe, enjoyable, cost-effective, and stress-free, a BusBank party bus rental is the ideal transportation solution for wedding shuttles. A professional driver will collect your guests from designated locations and transport them to the wedding venue and reception, ensuring a smooth and delightful experience. With no need to worry about parking or navigation, everyone can focus on celebrating the newlyweds' special day.

Kids Party Bus

Transport children from one place to another can be a nightmare. Add in the complexities of throwing a kids party and you have one stressful party ahead of you. That is unless you reserve a kids party bus with BusBank.

A party bus makes it a kids party a day to remember. We stock each party bus with your kids favorite snacks, drinks, and music so the party can start the moment the bus arrives.

Corporate Outings

Safe, fun, affordable and convenient, a BusBank party bus rental is the best way to celebrate on a corporate outing. An accredited driver will pick your group up from the office and escort you to all of your favorite entertainment hotspots – with no need to designate a driver, everyone can celebrate the teams success.

Featured Party Bus Amenities

No matter if it’s a school bus, mini bus or motor coach, BusBank has a wide variety of charter bus options for your group charter needs.

Each BusBank party bus is driven by an accredited driver and includes a long list of comfortable features, like:

  • Varying seating capacity from 12 to over 30 passengers
  • Climate Controlled
  • Leather Wrap seating
  • Bluetooth/Aux Input Docking Station
  • Restrooms (Select Markets)

Party buses are available in different sizes and with custom interiors, so no matter the size of your group or the type of party you want to have, BusBank has the perfect party bus for your celebration.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties – A BusBank party bus and bachelor/ette party go together like solo and cup. Party buses are outfitted with everything a bachelor/bachelorette party needs to celebrate, including:

  • Ice and Champagne Coolers
  • Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Designated drivers
  • Entertainment System
High Capacity
Storage Bays
Additional Head and
Leg Room
Air Ride


Reclining Seats
with Footrests
Storage Space
Cell Charging

Party Bus Rental Cost

Look to BusBank for a transportation solution to fit your budget.

When you factor in the cost of drinks, dinner, and tickets for everyone in a large group a night out can be downright expensive. Rideshares and cab rides can easily top $35 per ride and are nowhere near as reliable and safe as a BusBank Party Bus.

Remember, the more seats you fill, the less it costs per person, and the more value you get from your deluxe motor coach. Multiple bus options are available for groups exceeding 39 passengers.

How much does a party bus cost?
The national average price to rent a party bus is $1150-1400 for 4-6 hours. Party bus prices are also vary by location. Large cities, like New York, and Chicago have higher fees for insurance, licensing and tolls than a smaller town might.

A BusBank party bus rental starts at $1200 and is the most affordable way to transport large groups of party-goers between venues.

Party bus rental prices
Prices for party bus rentals vary according to the size of party bus, the day of your rental, and the length of time that you want to rent the bus.

The size of the vehicle and the amenities included with the party bus can also affect the overall price. 10-passenger party buses cost $100 per hour, where as a 14-passenger party bus may cost upwards of $125 per hour, and so on.

Time of year also greatly affects how much you’ll pay for a party bus rental. New Year’s Eve will be more expensive than a Wednesday afternoon in June. Excessive cleanup fees may also apply for messes and damages that fall in excess of what was laid out in the rental agreement.

How To Charter a Party Bus for Group Travel

Look to BusBank for a transportation solution to fit your budget.

Transporting large groups doesn’t have to be a hassle. A deluxe bus rental provides the most value for group transportation. With seating for up to 39 passengers, you can shuttle large groups to and from the airport or cater to an entire wedding party without even breaking a sweat.

Let BusBank worry about getting you to the airport on time. A BuBank deluxe motor coach makes airport travel easy, seamless and stress free. We’ll pick you up from your home or hotel and transport your group and all its luggage to and from the airport.

Party Bus Rental Near Me

BusBank operates local services, nationwide

Spanning the country from Washington to Boston and New York to Los Angeles, a deluxe motor coach is the ultimate way to see the country. We service Canada also.

If you don’t see your city here, don’t worry. No matter where you are in the country, there is a BusBank party bus rental near you.

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Party Bus Charter FAQs

Safety Measures & More

Virtually any group seeking comfortable, efficient transportation for a range of events. To put it briefly, everyone! Party buses cater to diverse clientele, from corporate groups and sports teams to wedding parties and social gatherings. These versatile vehicles are an increasingly popular choice for shuttling attendees from airports to conference centers, transporting athletes to out-of-town games, or ensuring the bride and her entourage arrive at the wedding venue with ease. Party bus rentals provide a cozy, worry-free travel solution for all occasions.

When you book a vehicle through a charter service, the driver is typically included in the package. However, you might wonder if you need to pay the driver separately. With BusBank, there’s no need to worry about an additional hourly rate for your driver, as this expense is already covered in your charter package. While tipping the driver is customary and appreciated, you’re not required to handle their payment directly. For extended trips, you may need to arrange hotel accommodations for the driver. Fortunately, many hotels offer complimentary rooms for drivers in large group bookings, and BusBank can often help you secure competitive rates for your group’s hotel stay. Be sure to factor in other potential costs, such as parking permits, parking fees, and tolls when planning your budget.

These options should give you a general sense of the most suitable vehicle for your budget. Keep in mind that charter bus rental prices can fluctuate based on peak seasons, location, and vehicle features. To discuss your specific seating capacity and feature requirements, as well as the vehicles available in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary rental quote.

Typically, January, February, and July are the most affordable months for charter transportation due to the challenging winter weather. To secure your desired charter vehicle, we recommend reserving your trip with BusBank at least 3-6 months ahead of time.

Our dedicated account executives aim to make the entire process seamless and stress-free, assisting you in finding the ideal bus that fulfills your capacity requirements and includes any desired amenities. We’ll provide a complimentary quote to help you make the most suitable decision for your needs and budget. Once you’ve received your quote, you can secure your vehicle with a deposit. Booking early typically results in a lower deposit fee, and deposits are fully refundable up to 31 days prior to departure. Should your plans change, we’re here to work with you and accommodate any alterations, provided adequate notice is given. Don’t hesitate to ask your reservation specialist about quantity discounts, long-term contracts, and other rental promotions.

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