Bowl Game Transportation: Book it Now

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The college football season is coming to an end. Hopefully, your alma mater or team of choice made it into a bowl game and you are looking into booking bowl game transportation. This year to save cost booking a charter bus might be the way to handle your travel. Gather a group from your campus and prepare to head down.

Here is a list of the top bowl games that members of our staff our looking to check out. Heck, we are even considering booking bowl game transportation and take part in bowl game travel.College Bowl Game Transportation

We can create a complete bowl game travel package through our partnership with hotelplanner that fits in perfect with your groups needs.

Here is a list of bowl games that are close to campus and make taking a charter bus from campus a great option

  • R & l Carriers New Orleans – San Diego State vs Louisiana-Lafayette

This is an early bowl happening on December 15th. If you attend Louisiana-Lafayette it might make for easy travel to the bowl game.

  • Beef o Brady St. Petersburg Bowl – Florida International Vs. Marshall

If you attend Florida International, this is a great bowl game to attend on December 20th and it looks as though the school already has buses prepared for it. You can snag a ticket to game with the bowl game transportation here .

  • Little Caesars Bowl – Western Michigan vs Purdue

Bowl of these schools are within traveling distance to the December 27th game at Ford Field. If you attend either of these universities reach out to us for transportation.

  • Belk Bowl game – Louisville vs NC State

Another pre-New Years day that is close enough to allow from students of both teams to easily be able to use a charter bus for bowl game transportation.

These are just a small portion of the bowl games that you can check out your team with or create a bowl game travel package. We love the bowl game season and would love to help you make it to the game. You find a complete list of bowl games scheduled here

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