That’s A Wrap: Getting A Branded Bus Wrap

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Whenever you walk down the street, you are inevitably inundated with unwanted advertising in some form or another. In fact, a lot of people are exposed to advertising throughout their day, sometimes without even realizing it. For better or for worse, it is all around us. Devotion to promotion is the name of the game with companies and corporations finding new unique ways to promote their brand.

Take a Bus Trip to Pasadena Tournament of Roses & Rose Bowl

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Choose sides, pile into the bus, and don’t forget the roses, because the best way to welcome in 2018 is by heading to Pasadena, California for the bowl of bowls – The Rose Bowl. Or, maybe you’re just coming for the parade, which is what the Tournament of Roses is really all about.

Lessons for traveling to the Big Ten Basketball Tournament

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As the last few days of February wind down, the affects of the Big Ten tournament begin to set in across Indianapolis, IN. For its 10th time, The Big Ten Men’s and Women’s tournament will return to the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse on March 9th to the 13th. Many patrons look for different travel packages and hotels to stay in during the tournament. Our friends at HotelPlanner have provided some of the best places to search for near the Fieldhouse. We’ve also provided some simple lessons in traveling to the tournament for the fans and athletes.

How Does Travel Affect March Madness Game Outcome?

Have you ever wondered if long distance travel affects in-game performance of your favorite NCAA team? We were curious, so we decided to dig around a bit and to our surprise we found a really interesting report that confirmed our suspicions.

The Carolina Cup: A Southern Tradition

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Carolina Cup – A Southern Tradition Perfect The Carolina Cup horse race is a rite of spring for many in the southeast.  The annual steeplechase style horse racing event is held at Springdale Race Course in Camden, South Carolina.  Over 65,000 fans have a great time each year at this event. Fashions of the Carolina […]

Auburn Vegas to BCS Bus

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Due to a high amount of demand, we are excited to announce a special ticketing program for the BCS Bus. The BusBank has setup a ticketing website to allow for Auburn Tigers fans to purchase tickets for a seat on a Luxury Charter Bus that will take vans from Las Vegas to Pasadena on the date of the game.

The luxury bus will be equipped with a restroom, high back reclining seats, TV/DVD player and will allow fans to bring their own food and drinks on board. Alcoholic beverages are allowed on board, but please refrain from bringing any glass containers onboard for safety purpose.

Top Tips for Sports Events & Team Travel

Working on sports travel and sports event transportation can be hard work. The team at The BusBank understands this and has worked to make it easy for customers. Just over a month ago, our staff did work at the Men’s Us Open Golf Championships where our skills were tested on handling sports event transportation. The […]

Take a Dallas Mini Bus Rental to See the Mavs

The NBA season is back and we were just as nervous as you that it was not going to happen due to the NBA Lockout. Now that the season is about to kick off why not check out some Professional Basketball Action.  Taking clients, family or friends to the game is great and easy in one of The BusBank’s Dallas mini bus rentals.

Bowl Game Transportation: Book it Now

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The college football season is coming to an end. Hopefully, your alma mater or team of choice made it into a bowl game and you are looking into booking bowl game transportation. This year to save cost booking a charter bus might be the way to handle your travel. Gather a group from your campus and prepare to head down.

Here is a list of the top bowl games that members of our staff our looking to check out. Heck, we are even considering booking bowl game transportation and take part in bowl game travel.

Traveling to Super Bowl: Lots to Consider

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The Super Bowl is only a couple months away and Super Bowl Transportation is already being booked up. Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana is the home of the Super Bowl XLVI and it will be the first Super Bowl held in the State of Indiana.

Places to Check Out Breeder’s Cup

The Breeder’s cup is one of the largest events in horse racing. This year it is taking place at the historical Churchill Downs racetrack. Horse from all across the world race in this race and it is one of the finest moments each year in Equine competitions.

College Football Games Selling Out

College Football season has been going on for a couple of weeks now. Our team travel clients are all booked up and ready to go for the rest of the season.

Chartering a Bus in Chicago for Summer Baseball

Summer is about many things. Pool parties. Fresh cut grass. Sunbathing. Lemonade. But mostly, we like to think that summer is really about America’s favorite pastime – baseball. And for those looking to infuse their summer with professional baseball, there’s really only once place to go: Chicago.

BusBank – Sports Team Travel

Here’s a question for you… True or False: When traveling by plane to your team’s next sporting event it is possible to build team morale, foster bonding, introduce strategies, and review previous game plays. (We’ll just follow that question up with one more…) True or False: When traveling by bus to your team’s next sporting […]

Superbowl Party Buses

If the word “bus” brings to mind images of the crowded, smelly, 3rd world transportation that trucked you to school every day then think again. Nowadays there are buses to accommodate every need, including luxurious Superbowl parties. Say what? Haven’t considered having a party on a bus? It’s time to reevaluate your party-planning strategy. The […]

The Top 5 Must See Baseball Stadiums

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When it comes to attending a baseball game, or a sport of any kind, it is typically the quality of the team on the field that is most paramount to fans. However, the importance, history and beauty of the stadium can never be overlooked. Below are five of the must see baseball stadiums.