March Madness Travel

Lessons for traveling to the Big Ten Basketball Tournament

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As the last few days of February wind down, the affects of the Big Ten tournament begin to set in across Indianapolis, IN. For its 10th time, The Big Ten Men’s and Women’s tournament will return to the Banker’s Life Fieldhouse on March 9th to the 13th. Many patrons look for different travel packages and hotels to stay in during the tournament. Our friends at HotelPlanner have provided some of the best places to search for near the Fieldhouse. We’ve also provided some simple lessons in traveling to the tournament for the fans and athletes.

Hotel Availability

When considering travel add-ons ground transportation, (bus or limo rentals) contracts frequently incorporate the add-ons for travel buyers’; this brings better savings for the travel-buyer and the company.

Always stay hydrated

Water is an essential natural resource that everyone needs, and for athletes traveling across country, staying hydrated is the #1 necessity for lower seeded schools.

Sleeping while traveling

Every athlete knows it good to catch some Z’s before a game; you need to be well rested and rejuvenated before competing for the top bracket. More than 70 teams composed of 800 young basketball prodigies compete in 54 games in just 43 days. So any time you have off the court, is best chance to take a little nap.

The Big Ten tournament drives a positive and economical impact on the youth, high school, college and pro-player as well as media exposure. NBA fans and recruiter come out every year to see new teams make it to the final four making its staple nationally and locally.
As the tournament makes it round down to the final four, March Madness ensues and many lower seeded teams rarely make it passed the Big Ten Tournament. This is due to various issues that affect the teams and their chances of getting to the final four.
Longer traveling teams are primarily affected by fatigue and the long journey across the country. Making their odds of winning slim and the price of travel immensely expensive. When planning for the tournament, be sure to check out our video and stats on how travel affects March Madness Game Outcome for many lower seeded teams.