How to Not Break The Bank on Youth Team Travel

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Breaking into your Savings

We understand the importance of Team Travel at The BusBank. We work with many teams ranging from club level to professional teams.

Today, we came across this great article for our youth sports teams and club teams.  Typically, we focus on helping out our customers with the cost of chartering a bus, and booking a hotel room.  However, other trip expenses exist that rack up very quickly.  We wanted to give you a quick list of some of our favorites from the post.

  • Avoid The Tournament Snack Stands:

Tournament snack stands are a key place that many dollars are spent.  The sports drinks and bottled water can be had at 50% less if purchased before hand at a local grocery store.  If needed for a large team, a good amount of savings can be gained by following this path.

  • Don’t Make Duplicate Purchases:

Many times teams purchase many of the same items that could be purchased in large or items such as sunscreen and first aid kits could be divided up among the whole team.

  • Watch out for Extras:

Almost every tournament will have a t-shirt, a towel and photographer.  Is that T-Shirt really going to provide the memory that your athlete will keep?  You likely can pass and take a photo from your smartphone. You can use this photo to make shirts in the future if they are still wanted.

We think some of these are great tips for saving money on your next team travel trip. Head over to our Facebook page to share some of your Team travel cost savings tips.

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