Carolina Cup

The Carolina Cup: A Southern Tradition

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Carolina Cup – A Southern Tradition Perfect

The Carolina Cup horse race is a rite of spring for many in the southeast.  The annual steeplechase style horse racing event is held at Springdale Race Course in Camden, South Carolina.  Over 65,000 fans have a great time each year at this event.

Fashions of the Carolina Cup

Horse Racing is a huge draw still throughout the southeast for more than just the horses as attendees come dressed to the nines.  Men can be seen in great spring attire including Seersucker suits, oxford shirts with ties, and pastel shirts.  Women come dressed as if it is a fashion event with their best sundresses, highest heeled shoes, and oversized hat.  You had better come dressed to impress for this event, as everyone else will be with spectacular people watching abound.

Before The Race: Carolina Cup Tailgate

Before the race you can expect a large tailgate that rivals that of many of the SEC Football games. Fraternities and Sororities from across the southeast come to the event many of which come to Carolina Cup via Charter buses.  Groups coming to the event bring a variety of tents, coolers and grill all to ensure the tailgate is a success.  Traveling by a Charter bus is a great way to get your entire group to and from the Carolina Cup safely.

No glass containers are allowed on the premises for safety purposes, as dropped glass can be dangerous for all around.

Remember to bring lots of water as it can often be hot weather on race day.

Carolina Cup Tickets

People and groups interested in buying Tickets can Purchase tickets Here .  The pricing for Tickets to the Carolina Cup currently range from  $25 for General admission up to  $800 for tickets that include room for a tent  and two parking spaces. Please do not hesitate to check out the official Carolina cup website for ticketing information.

This event is one of the best and most travelled to spring events in the South. We have sent many groups over to the cup and can help make sure everyone has a safe and fun day at the track!

If you are interested in grabbing a charter bus and heading to the event, head over to to get a quote.

Image Credit: Wagsomedog