The BusBank – Colorado Balloon Festival

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There’s nothing quite like it. Gigantic rainbow-hued balloons, some over 10 stories tall, soaring thousands of feet above the ground. And this year, the Colorado Balloon Classic, held on September 2nd, 3rd and 4th, will once again paint the skies with color.

We’re thinking you might want to head to Colorado Springs this September. After all…

  • Over 60 ginormous hot air balloons will be present. As the oldest successful means of human-carrying flight machinery, it’s a spectacle worth seeing.
  • The balloons range in size from 65,000 to 105,000 cubic feet in volume.
  • Most of the hot air balloons will fly between 500 and 1,000 feet above the ground. But don’t forget – they can go much higher. The world record for hot air balloon altitude is 64,997 feet!
  • Surprisingly, there’s no sense of motion inside a hot air balloon. So there’s no need to worry about balloon passengers with vertigo or motion sickness.
  • All balloon pilots are licensed and have undergone hours of practice, plus oral, written, and practical exams.
  • Helicopter tickets can be purchased so that viewers can get a supreme view of the rising balloons.
  • Looking to pass the time while the balloons glide? There’s the Pike’s Peak Volkswagen Club Car Display for auto enthusiasts.
  • Plenty of concessions are available and there’s concerts by Legend Band, Amber Waves, and Colorado Springs Conservatory. Perfect for keeping stomachs full and providing a soundtrack for the day.
  • There’s also balloon rides, coloring contests, photo contests, and souvenirs galore!

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