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Welcomes Big-Time Award From HotelPlanner

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From Bankruptcy To Award-Winning Record-Breaking Profits – How This Travel Company Went From Zero To Hero Saving Countless Jobs Along The Way.

On November 14th, the HotelPanner America Group Travel Awards Show voted BusBank.com the Best Partner. Even more impressive was being ranked as a finalist for Best In Group Ground Travel.  

This is an amazing story for the sole reason that in 2009, BusBank was on the verge of sending everyone home and closing it’s doors for good.  

However, while down BusBank was never out.

In a crowd full of big-time competitors and the travel industry’s finest, at the renowned Diamond Horseshoe Theatre at the Paramount Hotel in New York City and hosted by former MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan, the gala dinner recognized BusBank as a top hospitality provider in North America.

It was a well-received award, garnering a roaring and sustained applause even from BusBank’s biggest competitors because BusBank’s heartwarming story is one of perseverance, toughness, and grit.   

In 2009, the nationwide bus rental company based in Chicago filed for bankruptcy.  Times were tough, starting in 2006 as investor funds dried up along with a struggling economy caused a $10 Million deficit in liabilities to local bus companies. 

“Every day was long and stressful and we didn’t know if we were going to make it through.” recalls Brandon Dudley, Vice President.

He had good reason to be skeptical.

Amazingly, by 2013 they were not only surviving, they were on the verge of profitability.  By late 2012 it became apparent that BusBank’s profits surpassed company goals by over 1000% and by early 2013 were well ahead of revenue projections and on the road to profitability.  

Then, on a beautiful New York City night inside the historic hotel full of the industry’s juggernauts, BusBank was acknowledged for it’s strength and leadership, receiving a standing ovation and a meaningful trophy to take home to the the Chicago-based team that helped make all of this possible.   

Looking to book a charter bus or a group hotel?  BusBank is the award-winning group travel specialists and we have you covered.

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