Global Charter Services, Inc. Announces Team Promotions

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“We are pleased to announce the team promotions of Mark LaRocca, to Director, Corporate and Large Events and Kayla Chaffee to Account Manager, Corporate and Large Events,” stated Mary Novak, Head of Sales. “Mark has been a member of the team for over 12 years executing more than 250 major events moving over 2.2 million people. Kayla has been on the large events team for three years coordinating FestDrive ticket sales, all vehicle movements, and logistics teams on the ground in conjunction with Mark.”

Keeping the Wheels Turning

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With all of us following the necessary guidelines of social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine, it can be easy to get wrapped up in what sets us apart. The real lesson that this crisis has taught us, however, is quite the opposite. It’s a lesson in what brings us together: working together for the good of all.

Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

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Updated: Thursday, March 19, 2020 We hope you and your family are healthy and safe and send our condolences for those who have lost loved ones during this time. With the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 epidemic, we continue to adapt our operations and business to address all aspects of the health and safety of […]

Chartering a Bus Vs. Driving – What is the Eco-Friendly Option?

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It’s no surprise to find out that a hybrid car gets more miles per gallon than a coach bus, but what does catch many people off guard is that it is not cheaper or more eco-friendly to take a hybrid car on a long-distance trip. In the transport industry, efficiency is measured by passenger miles […]

Welcomes Big-Time Award From HotelPlanner

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From Bankruptcy To Award-Winning Record-Breaking Profits – How This Travel Company Went From Zero To Hero Saving Countless Jobs Along The Way.

On November 14th, the HotelPanner America Group Travel Awards Show voted the Best Partner. Even more impressive was being ranked as a finalist for Best In Group Ground Travel.

Bus Wraps: Commonly Asked Questions

We have helped a lot of different customers with Bus Wraps over the years. You can see some of examples of bus wraps on our corporate marketing and bus wraps page.. We are asked many questions on a regular basis about bus wraps and wanted to provide a good reference for people looking for a bit more information about wrap advertising. What is a Bus Wrap?

Five Tips When You are Booking a Bus.

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Lately we’ve received questions from numerous customers asking about pricing and rates when booking a bus, this can be complex and slightly nerve-racking for customers. What amenities come with the bus? Is it hourly or a specific rate? What if something happens on the bus, would you liable? All great questions and ones we have […]

CTC Booking & BusBank

The BusBank is proud to provide CTC Booking with charter bus pricing across North America.

Xstream Travel and BusBank

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The BusBank is proud to be able to provide Xstream travel agents with great charter bus pricing across North America. We make it easy to ensure your groups are on the right equipment at the right time. Benefits of chartering with The BusBank Basic Due Diligence and Insurance: Carriers in BusBank network are in good […]

How To Charter A Bus With BusBank

Are you thinking of chartering a bus but don’t know where to start? With The BusBank, we make chartering simple. We will get you the right type of bus for any event.

Check out BusBank’s new Event Manager

If you’ve ever stressed over guessing how many people will be attending your big event, we’ve got you covered. Our new BusBank Event Manager rider ticketing process can assist and will take the managing of payments, rider counts and bus counts off your hands. This means whether you’re unsure how many people will be attending […]

A Quick Guide to Charter bus Pricing

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On the BusBuzz Blog, we often discuss destinations that are fun to visit, group travel news and occasionally about buses themselves. Today, we are going to take a bit of time to go over a key question asked by many customers.

Deluxe Motorcoach Brand: Prevost Car

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We hope you enjoyed when we discussed Motor Coach Industries. Now, we would like to introduce you to Prevost Car, another model of charter bus ideal for long distance travel.

Deluxe Motorcoach Brand: Motor Coach Industries

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Deluxe motor coaches come in various makes and models similar to your car. Different manufacturers have different levels of features and amenities. At The BusBank, we work with operators that have the various makes and models of buses available for charter.

Charter Bus Types 101

We understand that many of our customers do not use charter buses frequently and have little knowledge of the many charter bus options available to them. Therefore, we are bringing you a series of short posts about different bus types. We will go in depth about the types of sizes, models, and brands that are in the industry so you can find the perfect bus for your group.

Customer Feedback!

The BusBank appreciates its customer and the feedback, stories and photos from your charter bus experiences. This information is invaluable to us providing quality service to you as customers.

The BusBank – Back to Basics

Here at The BusBank, we often forget chartering a bus is not a frequent thing for everyone. It can be easy for us, as charter bus experts, to overlook the fact that not everyone has the same or similar knowledge about charter bus pricing, and the different options available. Thankfully, every time we hire new […]

Big Change At BusBank As Andrew Ripani named National Sales Director

Here at The BusBank we are proud to announce some big changes happening this month!

First and foremost being the unveiling of our new Charter Bus service website this week! The new site features a simplified and streamline modern look, which aims to better facilitate the booking of charter buses for our customers. When visiting our new site, you can easily request a quote, login to your account or research charter bus services by categories including Group or Event Type, Charter Bus Type and Location via an interactive U.S. map.

New and Improved Sneak Peek

We wanted to let you in on a little secret. This week, The BusBank will be launching a new and improved website. Why? Because you told us what you’d like to see and we listened.