Five Tips When Booking a Bus

Five Tips When You are Booking a Bus.

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Lately we’ve received questions from numerous customers asking about pricing and rates when booking a bus, this can be complex and slightly nerve-racking for customers. What amenities come with the bus? Is it hourly or a specific rate? What if something happens on the bus, would you liable? All great questions and ones we have no problem answering, so while you’re still waiting for a price or just starting to plan out your trip, we put together a simple list of what to consider when booking a bus.

Know the Company

Review! Review! Review!

When you’re looking to reserve a bus from a certain company, make sure to do your research. Most bus travel websites are either a direct bus company or a broker. They consider themselves eco-conscious and tech friendly, but the best way to learn about a company is by their reviews. Sites like the Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews and the American Bus Association show you comments left by customers and their status as a business.

How many people are going


When booking a bus, size matters. Small groups (14 – 38) can probably afford to reserve a mini bus or even a school bus. If you’re looking to go all out maybe your group is too, you can even reserve a motor coach, (42 – 61). Be sure to check out the Bus Pricing and Types page on our site.

How far are you heading?


Time is money and whether you’re going across country or somewhere local, this could factor into your price when booking a bus. Bus companies tend factor mileage versus a day rate, if the trip is over the companies locality, (200 to 250 miles) typically are priced by day rate and or miles.

Finding a place to rest for the night.


Look, no one wants to be stuck on bus for 12 hours, so it’s a good idea to shack up for night. It’s also nice to book a hotel for your driver. Customers are responsible for the driver’s hotel. Sites like HotelPlanner offer great group rates for local and across country travelers.

Change Places!

You can see the tour bus behind us in the reflection of the reflection of the reflection….

Most across country, (or over-the road) trips that are more than 12 hours are required to change drivers over 10 hours. Switching drivers can range from $500 up to $1000 depending on how far you’re going and when the switch has to be made.