Bus Wraps: Commonly Asked Questions

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We have helped a lot of different customers with Bus Wraps over the years. You can see some of examples of bus wraps on our corporate marketing and bus wraps page. We are asked many questions on a regular basis about bus wraps and wanted to provide a good reference for people looking for a bit more information about wrap advertising.What is a Bus Wrap?

Wrap advertising is the marketing practice of completely or partially wrapping a bus in an advertisement. Thus turning the charter bus into a mobile billboard.

Why Use a Bus Wrap?

On average the US population spends two hours per day on the road. Vehicle advertising generates up to 70,000 impressions on day/vehicle. Mobile advertising costs only a fraction of TV, Radio, Print or conventional billboards.

How much does a Bus Wrap Cost?

Bus wraps vary greatly in cost depending on design and coverage. The pricing can range anywhere from $8,000 – $12,500 this price would include all installation and removal costs as well.

Who Does The Artwork?

Certain templates are needed for each bus depending on the bus type and model. This template is then used by a graphic designer to create a custom design that will go on the bus. Typically, a company will allow you to design this yourself and then they will provide final proofs, mockups to be reviewed by designer.

Where does a buswrap get done? 

The Bus Wrap is printed on special film to be applied to the bus. The bus wrap is then installed by experts to ensure that it does not damage the paint job or design already on the bus.

What Type of Bus Can be Wrapped?

All types of buses can be wrapped. The key is making sure that you have the right model and measurements for the design.

How long does this process take? 

A Typical bus wrap from initial idea to wrapping the bus takes about 1 month. This is the average time to go through the entire process.

Bus Wrap Models:

Full Wrap – This wrap includes full coverage of both sides, front and rear (no roof)

Half Wrap – Includes both sides below the windows, half of rear and the front

King Kong – Includes both sides along with area between front and rear tires, with full Coverage of both sides, front and rear(no roof)

Queen Kong – Includes both sides along with area between front and rear tires with coverage below the wheels.

Full Ribbon – Includes area both sides below the windows and above the belt line.

Partial Ribbon – Includes area both sides below the windows and above the belt line, between wheel wells.

Back Cap – Includes top of rear only.

To Learn More About Bus Wraps or Wrap Advertising, you can contact us as we are happy to answer your questions. We also have a pricing guide dedicated to understanding what each bus wrap will look like that can be downloaded below:

Bus Wrap Pricing & Style Sheet

We hope that this information was helpful and answered all your questions about Bus Wraps. As you can see bus wraps are a great way to show off your brand and are another way that a charter bus can be used. Follow the link below to get a custom bus wrap quote today!

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