Deluxe Motorcoach Brand: Prevost Car

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Prevost Car Deluxe Motorcoach

Prevost Car

We hope you enjoyed when we discussed Motor Coach Industries. Now, we would like to introduce you to Prevost Car, another model of charter bus ideal for long distance travel.

Made by Volvo, Prevost Car is one of the more common deluxe motor coaches on the road. Prevost Car was started 1924 when a Quebec cabinet maker was commissioned to build a wooden motor coach body. By 1945, Prevost had moved out of the cabinet business and was devoted completely to building motor coaches, introducing an all-metal body coach with a metal skeleton.

During the 1960’s Prevost Car expanded, building dealerships in the United States for the first time. Today, it is a leading maker of deluxe motor coaches continually winning design awards for its groundbreaking motor coach designs. Prevost motor coach models are typically used for entertainer or sleeper coaches; you can frequently see your favorite rock star touring the country in one of these customized entertainer coaches. Even if your trip is not as glamorous as that of a rock star, Prevost Car is a great option for your charter bus needs.

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Bus photo: Prevost Car