Choosing a Charter Bus Company Part 2: Service

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Safety, and Service are very important parts of charter bus safety. As we discussed in our first post on the topic entitled “Charter Bus Safety, Service, and Equipment: Does your choice fits all these?

Choosing a company that fits your group type and the requirements of your group can make or break a trip. Each group type has different needs and requires a company that can handle those needs. Many bus companies focus on specific types of customers and may not have experiencing handling your situation. Some companies are specialist in senior tours, while others are specialist in college athletic travel.

Do you think these two groups require different drivers and office staff capabilities we did too.

Here is a short list to get a feel for what types of customers that a  charter bus company handles.

Are the member of any industry affiliations such as ABA, UMA, NTA, GTBA?

Industry affiliation and thought leadership mean that they are active in the community and often looking to improve the current industry as a whole.

Ask the company for a list of past clients?

A list of clients that are similar to your company can bring added piece of mind. If they can provide client testimonials from others experiences.

Can they provide a customer contact?

This is taking the past clients one step farther by asking if they can be reached out as a reference.

Check out a customer reviews on Google Places or Yelp

These should give you a quick check out of how to trust a company’s service level. If you have additional questions about charter bus service or safety, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or write on our Facebook page.