San Diego Zoo, A Great Place to Visit on Charter Bus

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Lion San Diego Zoo

Charter A Bus to San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is one of the top zoo’s in the country. Groups come from around the world to check out this zoo. Each day you will see Charter bus from San Diego and across the west coast parked at the Zoo.

The Zoo was built in    and has since grown to not only have a zoo but also a Safari Park located nearby. This has made it into one of the premier places in the United States to learn about and see animals.

The San Diego Zoo is located in the Balboa Park area of San Diego and the zoo is over a 1,000 acres in size and houses over 4,000 animals with over 800 different types of species at the zoo.  The zoo is quite large and after you take a San Diego bus charter to the zoo, you will board a special small bus tour. The tour goes about the zoo with a guide providing information about the many different animals that you will see.

Taking Charter bus to San Diego Zoo Safari Park

After your group spends some time at the zoo it will be time to get back on your San Diego bus charter to head 30 miles to the newer Safari Park.  Groups have really started to love this park as it is a special way to see many zoo animals.

The Safari park is even larger than the zoo at 1,800 acres and is a very special experience. While you are on the Safari Park tour, you will spend most of the time seeing animals in their natural habitat. Your group will also have the opportunity to see  many herd style animals normally only seen in packs like this on the savannas of Africa and Asia. They have many different Safari Park tour options available depending on your group’s interest.

San Diego zoo and the Safari Park is one of the best options for groups on the West Coast. We recommend that you check it out as it is a unique experience.

Image Credit: RandyChiu