Sonoma and Wine: The Perfect Pairing

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Bus to Sonoma Wine County

So maybe the traditional ways to socialize are getting a bit mundane, and now you’re looking for that extra bit of excitement, relaxation, and possibly a little luxury. Look no further than Sonoma County, California. Hosting its fifth annual Sonoma Wine Country Weekend on August 31-September 2.

This year’s event combines the elegance of wine tasting, and the unpretentious environment of philanthropy.

As one of the top destinations for wine lovers this summer, Sonoma County and its over 150  wineries to taste from, is the perfect pairing for Labor Day Weekend.

The festival kicks off Friday, August 31st with a special supper-club dinner at Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Cuisine is prepared by a top local Sonoma County Chef, and 20 different vineyards on hand for the banquet dinner. A dining experience fit for wine lovers to have their thirst quenched, and stomachs full. Pride & Joy will perform live music after dinner commences, and guests can sit out under the stars overlooking the breathtaking Alexander Valley.

Friday and Saturday dozens of wineries host lunch & dinner parties where guests can mingle with the Enologist that bottled their favorites and dine on the decadent fare prepared by area chefs. Not only can one enjoy the glass but also learn the genesis of how the wine came to fruition.

If there wasn’t enough to stimulate the taste buds on the first day, 200 wineries will then converge on MacMurray Ranch for the 33rd Annual Taste of Sonoma on Saturday. As participants tour around the historical¬† Ranch, guests can choose from an array of wineries enjoying the casual luxury of California wine country. Transportation will be provided for select areas after the wine has done its part.

To culminate the three day wine fest, Chateau St. Jean will host the 20th annual Sonoma Valley Wine Auction on Sunday. While audacious bidders  try their luck for Sonoma Valley wine treasures, other guests will employ their senses during a walk through of a South Asian bizarre. With a myriad of colors, sights and smells, bidding will commence, and the wine festival will stop just as it started, with food, entertainment, and of course wine.

The weekend’s entertainment made possible by Sonoma County Vintners and The Sonoma County Vintners and Growers Foundation will donate all proceeds to local charities and non-profits in need. Not only can participants enjoy the bountiful products of California Wine, but take comfort in knowing that their contributions are going to help the local community.

As one of the top 7 destinations for wine seekers this summer according to The Daily Beast, Labor Day Weekend is the ideal time to head to Sonoma Valley where the vine never dries up, and neither will the entertainment.

Image Credit: torbakhopper