Shedd Aquarium Community Discount Days

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Throughout the summer, Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium’s Community Discount Days! With free general admission for all guests, it is definitely the place to take your group if you are visiting Chicago. The many exotic fish and marine life make it a must see, and with extended hours this week only, you have even more time to enjoy the aquatic life. With many different exhibits displaying marine life from around the world, you are sure to be amazed by the many hidden species of the deep.

A few of the different things you can see at the Shedd include:

  • See a green sea turtle in the Shedd’s award winning 90,000-gallon 360-degree circular underwater reef habitat.
  • In the Jellies exhibit, learn about the delicate, deadly and 95% water creature that is the jellyfish.
  • Say hello to the Shedd’s newest beluga whale calf, Nunavik!

All other ticket packages for their special exhibits and 3-D shows are at exclusive discounted prices this week, so there really is no better time to visit the aquarium than now!

Grab your group and head over on a bus charter to enjoy what this has to offer. To get a quote or learn about Charter bus options, reach out to us today!