Rotary 2011

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It was hot and muggy this May as Rotary International held its annual convention, but that didn’t stop The BusBank and Chicago-based DMC On The Scene from providing the convention transportation. And it was no small feat, with over 115,000 to provide transportation for over the entire week.

Moving over 35 charter buses and 19,000 attendees at a time can be quite hectic. Large event transportation like the Rotary International’s convention takes months of planning to ensure that the event transportation runs smoothly.

The biggest challenge was another large convention occurring in the same facility using many of the same hotels as Rotary International. This could have caused a lot of confusion between the groups if not for the extensive pre-planning done. The staging and signage used by The BusBank ensured that everyone was in the right place at the right time.

The BusBank cooperated with the city, police and other groups in New Orleans to overcome many traffic and staging problems. New Orleans presents many transportation issues due to the limitations of where vehicles can travel. We created a transit system plan around these restrictions that got everyone where they needed to be, and has been highly praised by the Rotary attendees.

If you have questions about event logistics or convention transportation, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at