NASA Space Field Trip!

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There are few things that will astound your students more than a trip to NASA. Besides offering free year-round field trips, the NASA Glenn Visitor Center will give your students the opportunity to learn about a variety of space related topics, including: the personal lives of astronauts, the inter-workings of the solar system, the International Space Station, and much, much more!

Here’s why a trip to NASA definitely needs to be on your list for this year’s field trips:

  • The Visitor Center auditorium offers plenty of interactive presentations. Who needs boring lectures, anyways?
  • There’s a scavenger hunt. Field trip groups of all sizes have the option of participating in a scavenger hunt throughout the exhibit area! Just make sure to plan this ahead of time so that the Visitor Center is prepared.
  • NASA provides teaching material for students and teachers alike. There’s handouts for the kids and supplemental lessons for instructors.
  • Specialized programs are available for various grade levels and age groups.
  • Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: “Living in Space”. Kids learn the basics of day-today astronaut life.
  • 3rd Grade – 4th Grade: “Planets”. Students are introduced to the solar system and learn about the differences and distanced between the planets.
  • 5th Grade – 6th Grade: “Principles of Flight”. Upper elementary grades learn about airplane flight through models and flight exhibits.
  • 7th Grade – 12th Grade: “International Space Station”. Middle and high school students learn about life on the space station as well as the findings of space station astronauts.

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