March For Our Lives

March for Our Lives Bus Charters and Bus tickets

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 March for Our Lives: Private Group Bus Charters and Individual Tickets

On March 24th, people from across the United States are planning to have rallies and marches in their communities. The largest of which is going to be headed to the streets of  Washington, DC.  The March for Our Lives is focused on ending gun violence and mass shootings in schools.

BusBank is offering a variety of different ground transportation and bus options to help take people by Bus to the March for Our Lives in Washington as well as the sister marches in local communities.

If you are looking to head to Washington DC. We currently have an option for individual bus tickets to March For Our Lives from the following cities:

  • New York/ NJ
  • Philly, PA – 30th Street Station
  • Boston, MA –
  • Albany, NY –
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Richmond, VA

Additionally, you have the option to request additional cities for bus tickets to the event on our website. As we receive requests, we will notify you off a bus available from your location.

At the BusBank we offer bus service from countless cities throughout the country and are anticipating fulfilling many more trips in the coming weeks.  If you’re interested in chartering a whole bus for the March for Our Lives demonstration in March we urge you to book it as soon as possible as availability is becoming limited in many states.

What to Expect on Day of the Event:

We have taken tens of thousands of people to Washington D.C. for a variety of different protests, marches and daily field trips and know the day of an event can be stressful. A bit of prior planning and working with BusBank can make the day go smoothly. Below are some tips that we recommend whether taking a bus for an individual ticket or chartering a whole bus for your group.


  • Review your bus ticket or charter bus confirmation: Making sure that you know where you are getting picked up and at what time is very important. You don’t want to miss the event because you couldn’t find the pickup location or showed up at the wrong time.  This is a big step to heading to heading to the March.
  • Travel with a Bus Buddy: Keep with someone so that you can stick together. Having someone with you to navigate the crowds and ensure you make it back safely is important.
  • Bring Water Bottle and Snacks: It will be a long day so having a refillable water bottle is helpful to keep yourself hydrated during the day. Additionally having a healthy snack will keep you energized for the day.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes:  You will be marching and doing a fair bit of walking. Ensure that you have comfortable shoes that you have worn before so that you can keep up and aren’t in pain from the walking
  • Keep Phone Charged and Bring a Phone Charger: Charging your phone and ensuring that you have battery power is helpful for you to receive SMS updates about where the bus will be. Additionally, it allows you to connect with BusBank during your travels. Keeping a phone charged and having an additional battery charger can be helpful to ensure you can receive any last minute updates or changes.
  • Enjoy The Moment: You are taking part in a historic march for change.

We look forward to helping you get to the March for Our Lives and have a variety of options for you. Below you can select which option picks your group best!


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