That’s A Wrap: Getting A Branded Bus Wrap

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Whenever you walk down the street, you are inevitably inundated with unwanted advertising in some form or another. In fact, a lot of people are exposed to advertising throughout their day, sometimes without even realizing it. For better or for worse, it is all around us. Devotion to promotion is the name of the game with companies and corporations finding new unique ways to promote their brand.

Social media, online marketing, and digital billboards, have definitely changed how the game is played. But brands that want attention from a grassroots level can sometimes find their way into viral network sharing and posting. How, you might ask. They get people to turn their heads, look, and take pictures. We here at The BusBank have found some interesting stories regarding the process and effectiveness of bus wrapping as a promotional campaign.

When walking to work, or stopped at a stoplight, occasionally one will look out their window or over their shoulder to see what’s in their path of vision. We have all seen public transportation buses with ad banners and promotions. You may have even seen an entire bus dressed in corporate branded gear. You could have done a double-take or took a second to take in the scene. Either way, you noticed it, and it may have left an impression.

Centenary College, recently had an entire bus wrap designed displaying their school’s logo for an athletic trip to New York City. The school was likely not the best team at the competition, but Centenary certainly generated a buzz among locals and tourists. Tourists were seen looking and taking photos of the bus, serving as a backdrop for some sightseers. So even if their play didn’t make headlines, their bus did.

It is day stopping, attention grabbing buses like this that end up making their way through the social networks, getting pictures in the paper, and generating general interest about the brand. A bus wrap is simple, efficient, somewhat conventional, but most importantly, memorable.

The California Nurses Association used a bus wrap for their “Medicare For All Bus Tour”, to travel across the United States for recruiting and promotion purposes.

This simple bus wrapping process acts as a mobile billboard often making more impressions as it travels. But notice, it is not invasive, does not require any private personal information, and the audience reception is acquired with much less disdain then traditional advertising.

If the piece is creative, eye catching, and obviously….. not obscene, it is likely that a couple of eye balls float your way without cringing or turning away quite as easily.

A bus wrap is a fantastic idea for any business or corporation making a trip, attending a convention or just going for a business outing. The BusBank has executed many bus wraps and decals for our clients in the past and have received nothing but positive feedback for our work. The wrap is non-destructive, easily applied and removed, and well worth the expense. You might even see yourself in the news or on a social network. So why not try it and see what everyone is so wrapped up about.