Hurricane Preparation and Business Continuity

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Hurricane Season has begun with Hurricane Harvey about to hit Texas this weekend. We wanted to remind our readers on how to prepare and be ready prior to Hurricane Irene potentially wreaking havoc.

Businesses and assisted care centers have a high-level importance in needing to be prepared prior to tropical storms. Employee and client safety is paramount, as they need to be up and running regardless of the weather conditions. Our Priority Access Program and other contingency transportation plans can be very important to keep them successfully running. These plans outline how businesses can remain active and running even if normal office is not available.

Possible things that can be done to keep a business up and running in a storm are below:

  • Key members of staff that are needed for day-to-day activities should be transported and begun preparation to run operations from elsewhere.
  • Important documents and information should also be taken with them as it could be ruined by any of the on-coming storms.

Emergency bus charters allow important business workers to get out of harm’s way. These can be used to get important business workers out of harm’s way. This should be done in the hours before the hurricane warning occurs. Hurricane warning means that hurricane conditions are expected to be present within the next 36 hours.

If you decide to stay in your residence to weather out the storm below is a list of resources that can provide more information about preparation.

National Hurricane Center
FEMA Hurricane Information

Red Cross Hurricane preparedness kits

Twitter List  of Good Follows during Irene