A Trip to Niagara Falls

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Trip to Niagara Falls

On the hunt for a stateside destination with spectacular views, a variety of accommodations, and affordable entertainment? Look no further than Niagara Falls. And if you’ve never checked out the falls before, then make sure to refer to our handy list of tips for planning the best Niagara Falls trip ever!

  • * Plan a trip any time of the year. The falls are open year-round, but keep in mind that the busiest months are May-September (so book your accommodations and entertainment. ahead of time). Enjoy fall-foliage? Head to the falls during the first two weeks in October.
  • * Enjoy the cheap prices. The parks are all free! Bring some cash for the extra attractions and parking fees during the busier months.
  • * Take a ride on the Maid of the Mist. This ferry ride (poncho included) gets you up close and personal with the falls. If you want to take breathtaking pictures then make sure to book a ride!
  • * Check out the Butterfly Conservatory. Open every day except for Christmas, this magical conservatory is host to over 2,000 species of butterflies (plus some gorgeous flowers and foliage). Tip: wear red when you visit and the butterflies will be more likely to land on you!
  • * Visit the Guinness World Record Museum. Do you have a penchant for crazy facts and trivia? Head to the Guinness World Record Museum for interactive displays, themed galleries, and video presentations.
  • * Investigate package accommodation and entertainment deals. Often, the hotels offer special discounts and package deals. Ask around. You may be able to save a chunk of change!

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