Summer Music Festival To Charter Bus to: Romp

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Bluegrass Museum

Music is something that can be heard from many of our employee’s headphones, or iPods throughout the office. So when we came across the museum and festival in today’s post we were pretty excited to share it with our readers.

In Owensboro, KY, the International Bluegrass Music Museum is a place that visitors can learn about the history and culture surrounding the bluegrass style of music. We know your thinking, there is an International Blue Grass Museum, and you’re not the only one. However, it just makes us more excited and shocked that we haven’t read about charter bus tours out to the museum. The Museum gives a live demonstration of how to play the instruments with a live band for group tours. Additionally, the 1st Thursday of every month, they have a free jam that lasts from 6pm until Midnight. We hear that this is not to be missed.

An annual event that the International Bluegrass Music Museum hosts is a music festival spotlighting bluegrass music. The music festival is called Romp: Bluegrass Roots & Branches Festival. The dates for this year’s festival are June 28th thru June 30th. Over 20 acts are performing with two of the larger acts this year being Vince Gill and Old Crow. Many upcoming bands and artists, will be perfuming as well.  You will have a couple options for lodging for the event with camping allowed on site or you could choose from a couple of the local hotel options.

Another idea is to make it a one day charter bus trip for your group as Owensboro is less than 4 hours away from some Midwestern cities such as Louisville, Nashville, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. We hope that you check it out it and be on the lookout for more posts about upcoming festivals and summer fun from The BusBank.

Image Credit: Cadinho