Needing help to plan a Group Party Bus Outing?

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Sometimes, you have a special event that you need to plan whether it’s a company outing, a bachelor party, or just a weekend out with friends. All of the can create a hassle and take a large amount of time. Finding the right location for the party, calling the location to setup group pricing can all be a really big drag.

The BusBank understands how difficult it can be to book group transportation and has made it easier for you. We have now found someone that can make the process of setting up the location easier for you. If you are in Chicago, Denver, Milwaukee, or New York we might have a solution that can help you out. is just the source. They have bar and nightlife packages for a variety of venues in your city. has been written about across the web and part of the investor group even comes from Groupon.

Whether you are looking for somewhere relaxed to watch the game or a high end nightclub with dancing, they can help out. Packages are setup for numerous locations throughout your city. Are you in the hunt for a more customized package? This isn’t a problem as they have group representatives ready to assist you with doing the party planning for you.

You can grab a group of friends, get a party bus and check out the deals on Poggled. Don’t forget this can help with Chicago nightlife, Denver nightlife, Milwaukee nightlife and even New York.