Great Places to View All Colors of Fall Foliage

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Fall Foliage

Gathering a group of friend and family to enjoy the beautiful colors is one of the pleasures of fall. Most think of Fall foliage tours as only being something for the east coast. However, you would be shocked that Fall produces wonderful colors in other parts of the country as well.

Have you ever noticed how many charter buses that you see with groups taking photos and driving thru these areas? If not I bet, you will now as it very popular at this time of year.

Popular Places to Check Out Fall Foliage:

Charter bus to Lake Tahoe, California – The beautiful mountains are filled with splashes of wonderful orange and rich deep gold’s from the Aspen trees. The leaves will be in every direction and make for a great view. Once you arrive, you can then spend some time hiking thru the wonderful trees. People charter buses from all over the west coast to enjoy these sites and they will not disappoint.

Fall Foliage tours in Maine – Maine is one of the most popular places to visit on a fall foliage tour and even with the recent Hurricane Irene and other rains still expects to be ready. Have your camera ready as the maples of main should be great to take a trip to countryside to visit.

Preparing Roads in Vermont – Hurricane Irene really did a number on Vermont’s roads but they are working in double-time to get them ready for the many charter buses that will come. In this recent, Wall Street Journal article it appears as though they should be ready.

Additionally, if you can’t make it to see the fall foliage; don’t hesitate to check out this great photo gallery of stunning spots.

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