BusBank – 4th of July Fun – The BEST Places to Celebrate

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Running around your driveway with a sparkler in hand used to be fun… when you were a kid. Now you’re grown up and those backyard 4th of July fireworks have lost just a bit of their appeal. Let’s face it, you’re ready for something bigger, better and more mind-blowing!

If you’re ready to take your Independence Day celebrations to the next level, then you’ll definitely want to check out one of these top destinations for 4th of July fun:

  • Washington, D.C. There’s the Smithsonian Folklife Festival (artists, performers, craftspeople, and music) to start the week off. Then there’s the National Independence Day Parade (floats, balloons, marching bands and military processionals) to up the ante. Next, there’s A Capitol Fourth concert on the lawn of the Capitol (including music by the National Symphony Orchestra). And finally, there’s the nation’s largest fireworks display (just above the Washington Monument). What’s not to love?
  • San Diego, California. The three-week San Diego County Fair and the sunny Mission and Pacific beaches will keep you entertained during daylight hours. Come evening, there’s a dazzling beach-side pyrotechnics show and the captivating Big Bay Fireworks display!
  • Chicago, Illinois. Chi-town has some of the most elaborate fireworks displays in the country. Plus, the revelries start off days in advance and include concerts, ballgames, and street festivals. Be sure to head to Navy Pier for food, drinks, and the best fireworks-viewing spots.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the birthplace of our nation, Philadelphia definitely knows how to celebrate Independence Day. Week-long festivities (parades, free concerts, and fireworks) lead up to the holiday. And as a bonus, there’s plenty of patriotic sites to visit, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall!

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