Travel Chatter- This Week in Travel

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Happy Friday everyone! This week we bring you some of the most interesting headlines in travel. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend.

8 TSA workers fired after sleeping on the job

-8 screeners at the Newark, New jersey airport were fired Wednesday after cameras caught them not following TSA protocol and sleeping on the job.

Hotel gets sued for failing to secure customer data information

-Wyndham Worldwide Corp. is being sued after the FTC reported repeated failures in securing customer information from hackers.

Travel Techies, a new movement in travel technology

– How traveler’s cannot get away from their mobile devices, even when they are “getting away”.

Big Ben gets name change

– Big Ben Clock, one of the most famous sites in the World now honors the name of Queen Elizabeth.

Dirty Water Becoming an Issue for US Beaches

-Water pollution from poorly treated sewage and storm water runoff continue to give US beach go-ers something to think about.

Image credit: AllWays Rental NZ