Groups Today – 2013 Readers Choice Award Winners

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This month, Groups Today released its 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards. These awards highlight some of the best places to go, things to do, stay and to eat while traveling.

Traveling with large groups is a lot different than traveling alone or with just your family. Destinations, activities and meals all need to be a bit more planned and some places are just better at accommodating than other. Below is a small list of some of the best national results.

Top National Destination –  Washington DC

This should come as no surprise and even with the recent government shutdown, it still hits number 1 by Group Tour magazine readers. This is due to the overwhelming amount of US history, activities and festivals in the city.  Washington, DC is a place that people of all budgets can find a place to stay and things to do.

National Hotel: Marriott Hotel and Resorts

Marriott Hotel and Resorts try to make group travel and reservations easy. They have over 500 destinations across the United States along  certified meeting and wedding planners available to make group travel easy. If you have a group, look to a Marriott location for your group. If you book group events with Marriott, you get to receive up to 50,000 reward points that you can use for your own stay.

Check out more about Marriott Group Travel, here

National Restaurant: Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel provides a wide array of menu items that makes it easy for everyone in your to find something to eat. 600 hundred locations in 42 states means you are always close to a location while on the road. Another speciality about Cracker Barrel is its country coach program, preparing room for motor coaches  parking, free meals for the driver and group leader of a group of 15 or more. Additionally, you can pre-arrange meal payments with group gift cards to make it easy for one payment or individual travel payments. Be sure to consider Cracker Barrel for your next stay.

Group Travel can be difficult and it is best to try working with tried and true locations when traveling in groups. Check out more information from the list Groups Today. Be sure to check out the magazine to find out more places in local regions as well.

Groups Today didn’t have a group and event transportation service in the article, but we like to think they would’ve mentioned The BusBank in that category.