These Wheels Keep On Turning: This Week in Travel

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Road Trip

Noticed how Chicago traffic has increased in recent years, looking more like congested L.A. and New York City roadways? Your observations were astute as this week INRIX Traffic Scorecard ranked Chicago 10th most congested city in the United States. Your traffic frustrations do not look to cease anytime soon in this major Midwest metropolitan. Look to see who else made the list.

Top Ten Most Congested Cities in The U.S

This week a disgruntled frequent flier from Chicago is suing United Airlines for major perk reductions to the Million Mile program. He argues that the new Mileage Plus program has decreased his benefits including fewer bonus miles, limited choice for upgrades, and lower priorities for boarding and seating assignments. Customers and frequent fliers have become increasingly dissatisfied with Airlines new programs for their frequent fliers.

Million Miler Sues United Over Perk Reduction

Travelocity, the first online booking agent has seen its market share decline in recent years, making way for Orbitz and Expedia to become market leaders. Travelocity CEO vows to integrate, innovate, and improve in years to come to regain their dominance in the online travel market.

Travelocity’s Fight to Regain Marketshare

We all know Dad’s are impossible to buy things for. You have to get creative and often times that’s not even the trick to getting Dad a memorable Father’s Day gift. Here are some suggestions from the L.A. Times’ travel section for those struggling with this summer’s holiday.

Travel Ideas for Dad

That’s all for this week, enjoy your weekend!

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