Heading to the 2013 Kentucky Derby in Louisville KY?

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It is time to saddle up your friends and family and head on down to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby 2013. This annual competition draws thousands of spectators from around the globe. All are eager to bask in the glory of the most celebrated horse race in the history of mankind. In fact, not even the horse drawn chariots that once barreled down the lanes of the Circus Maximus drew so much attention and admiration.

Now, the Kentucky Derby 2013 is not simply an event you just “show up” for. In order to fully enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance, it is highly advisable to do some planning and preparation before you go. Here are some simple tips to get you pointed in the right direction so you will get the most from this fantastic experience.

Great Tips for Attending the Kentucky Derby

  1. Make your hotel reservations early. The Brown Hotel is the top spot in town and The Galt House is a close second. If you are traveling on a budget or have no clue where to stay ,we can help you as well with great Bus Rates!
  2. Arrive a day early. Casual attendees don’t know that there is another, equally as important race that happens the day before the big race. The Kentucky Oaks is just as much fun, and attending it will give you twice the horse racing experience while adding just a little more to the cost of your trip. That means double the hats, double the mint juleps, and double the fun. Furthermore, proceeds from this race are donated to cancer research, so if you go, remember to wear plenty of pink for the occasion.
  3. Park your car and take a charter. Parking at Churchill Downs on the day of the event can be a little hairy. For that reason, it’s best to catch a charter bus so that you don’t have to worry about it. Let someone else do the driving so you can focus on having fun.
  4. Do your homework before you go. The Kentucky Derby has a long and rich history, and the more you know about it, the more you’ll understand the traditions which make it so unique.
  5. Go shopping before you go. Of all the events you will ever go to, “the Derby” is world famous for the incredible fashions and styles that folks wear in the stands. Most notably, make sure you are wearing a hat for the occasion.
  6. Be prepared to socialize. The race itself lasts just a few minutes, but the anticipation leading up to it takes hours. During this time, be prepared to press the flesh and meet the other attendees. Everyone is in a great mood and excited to be there, so it is a great time to make new friends, learn a bit about horse racing, and even make a few new business contacts.
  7. Learn to gamble. You don’t have to throw thousands of dollars down, but betting a few dollars on the horses and their riders is a great way to pull yourself into the fun. Not only will it help build your anticipation, but it will enhance your excitement as you watch your horse cross the finish line before all the others.
  8. Let your hair down. Explore the grounds, talk with the jockeys, and attend the parties. It is not hyperbole to claim that the Kentucky Derby 2013 is unlike any other experience on your bucket list. Enjoy it and savor the flavor because once you go, you will want to return to Kentucky year after year just to taste the excitement one more time.

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