Choosing The Best Hotel

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Featuring Part 2 of our Meeting Planning Series – Choosing The Best Hotel, Read On..

Choosing a hotel can be tricky business. You want something that’s cost-efficient, but that place that’s only $25 a night and advertises “color television” probably isn’t what you’re looking for. You may not need the Ritz, but you do need something that’s clean, well-staffed, and meets your specific amenity needs.

Now we certainly don’t recommend waiting until you arrive at your destination and then spontaneously choosing the first hotel you come across. But even snagging the cheapest online deal and reserving a room ahead of time isn’t always the smartest route. So before your next trip read through this list of best practices for choosing a superior hotel (and avoid all those $25 “specials”):

  • Prioritize. What matters most to you? Is it location? Price? Amenities? Decide which is most important to you and go from there. A hotel that’s 5 minutes further from your destination may be more cost-efficient or have amenities more suited to your needs. Always compare options before making a final decision.
  • Do some research. Take 5 minutes to Google your hotel options. Checking out a hotel’s reviews and ratings will help you make the most informed decision. (Tip: skip the hotel’s website when it comes to searching for reviews – a hotel’s website will only post the good reviews and will leave out all the bad!)
  • See the room before you sign. There’s nothing wrong with asking to see the accommodations before you sign in. This is especially important if you are staying at a specific hotel for the first time. If you’re not satisfied with the room then speak up! Often times you can receive an alternative room or a discounted upgrade.

Choosing Best Hotel

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