Outrageous Wedding Themes

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Millions of themes have been conceived for the most important day in some of our lives. The BusBank wanted to crawl the web and find some of the most outrageous wedding themes (the “don’t try this at home” type of theme) and we think you will get a kick out of it.

The most outrageous wedding theme comes from a galaxy far far away. With a cult-like following zealous enough to take on the dark forces of the Sithe army, a Star Wars themed wedding is fitting for only the die hardest of fans. Ok, so maybe this wasn’t the most tasteful of affairs. But it’s obvious the “force” is strong with these two.

The groom dressed in a Darth Vader costume while the bride was poised in a Queen Amidala getup. And it didn’t stop with the couple. Everyone who played a role in the wedding was a character or Jedi Knight. I think we are all wondering the same thing, why didn’t Yoda marry the bride and groom? See some footage of the epic intergalactic ceremony.

Number two took place across the pond in the eastern country of Thailand. This couple decided to dress like the living dead for their wedding. I mean come on, what better way to say I love you then to dress up like a dead person on your wedding day. But if the couple made it through this day (alive) then the coming years wouldn’t pose too much of a threat. . Footage here

You thought your friends were a bit out there? Do they dress like superheroes on Halloween? Even that is somewhat permissible. What about dressing like their favorite Marvel Comic character for their wedding? We didn’t think so. This couple took their wedding to infinity and beyond with a superhero themed ceremony and reception. My only question is, if the groom is Batman, why isn’t his best man Robin? That’s a missed opportunity there, but we have to give them credit for the theme.

I think this couple took “till death do us part” quite literally. This couple didn’t dress up like death, but instead decided there ceremony should be held in a cemetery. So, where their marriage began is the place it will end. Lovely sentiment, but was this the most appropriate way to express it? Cemetery Wedding.

A skydiving wedding is also a great way to get the most thrill out of a wedding ceremony. Talk about cold feet. Try convincing me to jump out of a plane at cruising altitude, let alone getting married as I free fall towards the ground. Nope, nerves do not play a role in this heart throbbing wedding. Did the priest jump with them and “breeze” through the formalities? This and other themes here

There are always more ways to make a wedding ceremony more memorable. In our search, we have found that these crazy wedding party bus themes are becoming commonplace for the new generation of newlyweds. Either guided by love or blind passion, eccentric wedding ideas have a growing place in the future. From ceremonies in a cemetery, or receptions in a galaxy far away, newlyweds have a passion for expression and immunity to shame. If you need help with wedding transportation to/from your one of a kind wedding – The BusBank can help!