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Unique Party Bus Theme Ideas

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While most parties or events take place in traditional venues such as your home, your favorite restaurant or swanky bar or your neighborhood clubhouse, making your next party mobile means you can take your guests anywhere. With a chartered party bus rental as your venue (or transportation to your venue!), you can explore your favorite local haunts, or even make a trip to your closest major metropolitan area, wine country or beachside retreat.

Chartering a bus for an event is becoming a popular celebration option for all ages. For adults, party buses rentals are an excellent and safe way to celebrate bachelor and bachelorette parties, 21st birthdays, and pub crawls, thanks to a built-in designated driver. Depending on the size of your group, buses can also be ideal for transportation between a wedding and the reception and for getting wedding guests safely back to their hotel afterward.

The BusBank Difference

Party buses rentals can hold between 12-24 people and are an affordable option when accommodating a large group. But the benefits of the chartered party bus certainly don’t stop there! When chartering a bus, you can cross the major logistics off of your own to-do list, because BusBank handles the important stuff! All of BusBank’s Group and Private Event charters include neon lights, a bar, restrooms, and experienced drivers that are hand-selected for each occasion. Select buses include additional amenities such as liquor (only for 21 and older crowds), free WiFi access, designated pick-up and drop-off locations, shuttling services, and ticketing (if the event is only for a select group of travelers).

While BusBank is here to help you with transportation logistics, you are still in charge of the fun part: your party theme! Here are some of the most popular party bus themes to inspire your next chartered party bus adventure!

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#1 Battle of the Decades

On the invitation, ask your guests to come dressed in clothing from their favorite decade, or you can select a specific decade to center the party theme around. For the 80’s, think MTV, Rubiks cubes, classic Ray Bans and Pac Man photo-booth props. Or, if you want your guests in slightly fancier attire choose the roaring 20’s for a classier look. Think prohibition, gangsters, and jazz. Consider decorating the bus like a speakeasy bar or a jazz club with window clings or magnets. Dapper gentlemen should dress in suits and top hats. And the dashing ladies should be wearing cocktail dresses or flappers.

#2 School Pride

Take a note from your fraternity and sorority days because let’s be honest, no one knows how to throw a party like a Greek party! Make things easy on yourself and let your own college days inspire your party theme!

• Ancient Greece: Togas because all that you need is a bed sheet and some knot-tying skills!
• Eighties Aerobics Party: Spandex. Just Spandex everywhere.
• American High School Stereotypes: Come as a goth, cheerleader or a jock. Because those are your only choices.
• Hawaiian Luau: Always a popular theme in college. Who doesn’t want to re-create a scantily-clad occasion from your 20’s?
• Go Team Go!: Using your party bus rental to get to and from a collegiate sporting event? Dress up in your favorite player’s jersey, and let loose!

#3 This Is How We Roll

Strike or spare, your guests won’t care! Bowling is a sport that transcends all ages and a charter bus is the perfect unique addition to your bowling extravaganza themed evening. Start by hopping around to a few bars until you reach your final destination: the lanes! Lace up your oh-so-trendy borrowed shoes and spend the evening with your favorites trying your best to keep your ball out of the gutter.

#4 Mexican Fiesta

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesdays?! Even better? This party bus theme lets you bring the tacos (and margaritas!) to any night of the week! Your guests will love the festive colorful banners, pinata-themed gift bag, excuse to wear a sombrero and of course, the taco-bar crawl you’ve planned for the evening! Taco bout a party!

#5 That’s a Wrap!

If you’re a movie buff, Old Hollywood Glamour may be the perfect theme for you! Choose a particular movie or create a Hollywood-themed evening complete with popcorn in vintage boxes, ticket-themed invitations and even a red-carpet for when your guests board the bus! As long as your decorations don’t impede the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle, you can go to town making your chariot for the evening a star-studded occasion for your guests! If your itinerary includes a live show or cinematic experience off of the bus, remember that you’re more than welcome to bring your concession treats back with you, just don’t forget to clean up after yourselves!

#6 Olympics

Dress up as your favorite country or Olympic event. This theme is perfect for the winter or summer Olympics! Be creative with this one. There are so many different sports and countries so everyone should already have the perfect outfit sitting around at home. To set the stage, use window cling country flags or magnets to decorate the bus! U-S-A! U-S-A!

#7 Murder Mystery

While this may be on the more elaborate end of party themes, it is definitely one to consider. Murder Mystery parties have been a fan favorite for decades and although they require plenty of forethought, transportation logistics are already handled so you’ll have the time to focus on the party details! Once you appoint your detective, witnesses, suspects and of course, the deceased, you’re ready to talk dress code! You could go the modern route and just have everyone treat it as a formal affair, or you can get creative and choose a specific decade for the murder plot to take place in. A bus is the perfect setting for a murder mystery so ask your driver to dim the lights, turn on some ominous music and get to guessing!

#8 Mardi Gras

The traditional colors for a Mardi Gras celebration are purple, gold, and green so grab your streamers and beads and set the mood for a New Orleans-inspired evening for your party bus guests! If you’re using your charter bus to travel to a Mardi Gras celebration, use masks as favors for your guests that they can use when you arrive at your destination.

There are many tough decisions you need to make when planning a party but choosing your charter bus transportation should not be one of them. At BusBank, we understand that no two groups or private events are the same. Because of this, prior to starting any trip we make sure that we understand your specific needs. Whether you need a party bus rental for a bachelorette party or need a transportation solution to and from a private event, we are confident we can exceed your expectations.

Ready to get things rolling? Check out our party bus rental options, and get in touch with any questions about the booking process that you may have!

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