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Looking to schedule transportation or transit options for your group in Buffalo? Maybe rent a charter bus and take a tour of the town? BusBank is the industry’s leading charter bus rental service in Buffalo. We are experts when it comes to airport transportation, international travel to Canada, domestic travel inside New York State, and general bus rentals to check out what Buffalo has to offer. BusBank is equipped to service any vertical in Buffalo and its surrounding suburbs including Tonawanda and Williamsville.

Is your destination elsewhere in New York State or even across the border to Canada? Want to check out Niagara falls? We’ve got you covered when it comes to traveling in New York or even going out of the country! BusBank’s Buffalo bus rental account executives are standing by to help you plan your next bus endeavor in this great city. Our number one goal is to ensure that you have an enjoyable and on-time arrival to wherever you’re headed in Buffalo. Let us take care of all of your bus rental needs and booking needs. Please contact us at (866) 428-7226 regarding all enquiries for your next trip and a free quote.

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Why Rent with BusBank?

  • We are the premier charter bus company in Buffalo and offer a wide variety of vehicles to service your trip.
  • All operators are insured and own their vehicles; we’ll make sure you’re safe and covered.
  • We have years of logistics management experience.
  • We know how to get our vehicles in and out of all the top cities and destinations near the Buffalo area.

Need To Rent a Comfortable Bus In Buffalo?

Traveling with a large group in the Buffalo area? Taking a group from Canisius college to Canada to witness the greatness of Niagara Falls? No matter the bus routes, we’ve got you covered. Here at BusBank we will make sure that your trip will adhere to all of your quality standards with our professional drivers and state-of-the-art rental fleet. Have ease of access to multiple charter buses no matter the occasion and travel with us in a well maintained charter bus any day of the week! BusBank has access to THE premier fleet of charter buses in Buffalo, being one of the top transportation companies in the state of New York.

We understand that all trips need to be planned thoroughly and BusBank is more than delighted to make sure all of your group trips go according to your desired plan. We also understand that keeping your group safe is a key priority in addition to keeping them entertained and organized! Safety and compliance are of the utmost importance to us here at BusBank. Our service is home to safe and reputable vehicles along with professional operators! All operators available through BusBank are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet US Department of Transportation safety and insurance standards. Every driver is required to own and maintain their vehicles. We can provide coach bus rentals, motorcoach rentals, airport transportation, general transportation, and school bus rentals. Our scope of service covers a large range and we are more than happy to service most verticals when it comes to bus travel/arranged travel in Buffalo and surrounding suburbs.

Enjoy All That Buffalo and New York State Has To Offer

Buffalo, home of the Bills, is a town known for its food and ever-loyal sports fans. There’s more to Buffalo than just chicken wings and the Bills, with some cool attractions popping up along the lakefront. Rent a bus and head to Canalside to enjoy Buffalo’s awesome marina. Buffalo’s famed lakefront marina has been recently renovated and is now the home of amazing concerts, craft beer festivals, and all out fun on the water. Canalside was recently re-invigorated with a 500 million dollar investment to bring back fun to Buffalo. Canalside hosts over 1,000 events annually including yoga, children’s activities, concerts and alcohol related activities in buffalo. Canalside is also home to breathtaking views of Niagara, Buffalo, and even Canada. The Erie Basin Marina is located within Canalside and boasts an observation tower that will allow your group to take in the great views.

When attending a concert on Buffalo’s lakefront with your group, it is important to hire a professional bus driver and charter an affordable bus that can take you to and from your destination with ease. Enjoy all of the awesome benefits of alcohol without the need to designate a driver for your group, we’ve got you covered and it is our personal promise that you will have an excellent and safe time, returning home without any hiccups! You don’t even need to worry about the hassle of parking, we will pick you up and drop you off without the pain of constantly trying to look for parking in a crowded environment. Enjoy adult beverages and get picked up and dropped off to avoid headaches! We at BusBank will make sure that our diverse bus inventory including school bus rentals and motorcoach rentals will cater to all of your needs regardless of budget. We provide a transportation service that can satisfy all of your needs and adhere to your schedule regardless of group size or overall goal, no need to take a Greyhound bus and buy tickets… book with us now!

The city of Buffalo is known for its cuisine as well as its beautiful lakefront. Buffalo wings were made famous in this town, and if you’re here we insist that you go to the place that made chicken wings known on the world stage! BusBank recommends chartering a bus for your group and taking a trip to Duff’s, Buffalo’s most famous wing spot. Duff’s started serving its first batch of chicken wings in 1969, selling over 20 pounds of chicken wings and establishing itself as a world famous restaurant. In 1985, Duff’s cemented itself as a titan in the world of chicken wings for its great taste and quality, earning its self-proclaimed name for its wings that put Buffalo on the map. Duff’s still operates from its original location in Amherst and we can give you a ride to and from Duff’s in one of our bus rental options!

Buffalo is situated on the shores of Lake Erie and is close to the Canadian border, allowing ease of access for groups wanting to travel between the United States and Canada. Niagara Falls is split between the US and Canada, being a short charter bus trip from near suburbs such as Lockport and Elmwood and being even closer to the city of Buffalo. Take in great views from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, or take your group in one of our buses to a casino and buffet in Niagara Falls! Canada has a lot to offer, and even Toronto is a short charter bus trip away from Buffalo. No matter your needs, domestic or international, we can accommodate your group and provide unparalleled service to wherever you’re going!

No matter the traveler count, we can also bring you from Buffalo to other cities in New York such as Rochester and Albany, competing directly with other outlets such as Greyhound and megabus and even providing a better and more affordable service! When paying for a bus fare when traveling with competitors such as Greyhound, it can sometimes be cumulatively more expensive per person to book a tour or group travel with another bus company. Don’t engage with the hassle of buying bus tickets and book with us directly, saving you money and allowing you to travel in style with one of our diverse charter buses.

Popular Locations in Buffalo
Canalside Buffalo NY
Address: 44 Prime Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Tel: 716-436-7100

Erie Basin Marina NY
Address: 329 Erie Street, Buffalo, NY 14202
Tel: 716- 851-5238

Shea's Smith Theater

Address: 658 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14202
Tel: (716) 847-1410

Duff’s Famous Wings NY

Address: 3651 Sheridan Dr, Amherst, NY 14226
Tel: (716) 834-6234

School Bus and Education Related Rentals in Buffalo

BusBank directly specializes in education related travel in the Buffalo area. The quality of our bus drivers and school bus fleet is our competitive advantage! The amenity of having a professional and well trained school bus driver is of the utmost importance, and we at BusBank pride ourselves on the quality of our drivers and school buses. We understand that having an unprofessional and inexperienced driver can cause drastic problems, and this is easily remedied with making sure our drivers are the best in the industry. Taking children to and from a destination can be chaotic and we understand that safety is of stark importance, thus causing us to handle education related travel with particular care. Buffalo has a ton of places that are suitable for field trips, and we can recommend a great place to bring your school!

School Trips in Buffalo - The Buffalo Zoo

International Airport
Address: 300 Parkside Avenue Buffalo, NY 14214
Tel: 716-837-3900

Need a ride to the Buffalo Zoo to check out some exotic animals with your school? Book a trip on one of our buses and get chartered to and from one of America’s oldest zoos. The Buffalo Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the country, opening its doors in 1875 and being open year round… even during the Buffalo winter! The zoo is home to over 1200 animals and can accommodate large school trips from anywhere in Western New York or even across the border in Canada. It sits on 23 acres and is home to a diverse group of animals The Buffalo Zoo is one of the largest tourist attractions in Western New York and is a great place for an education related trip! As previously stated, we pride ourselves on the quality of our drivers and it is important to us that your group has a safe trip when traveling with us. Don’t hesitate to book your school trip with us and give us a call at (866) 428-7226!

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