Planning A Successful Meeting – Picking the Right Food

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Meeting Planning

Hey readers, welcome to our latest blog series – Planning Successful Meetings. Stay tuned for this three part series on tips for planning a successful company event or meeting, enjoy!

Figuring out food for a 9am meeting is one thing. Bring some coffee, bagels, and doughnuts and you’re good to go! Planning a retreat, day-long conference, luncheon meeting, or dinner event however requires a little more thought. And when it comes down to it, the right (or wrong) food options can make all the difference when it comes to creating a welcoming and productive atmosphere for your work event. Not sure how to choose the right caterer or which restaurant option is best? Check out these tips:

  • Ask for references. Also, check with other local business or business affiliates to get recommendations on which catering company and/or restaurant is the most cost-efficient and professional (and which offers the best food!). Check online for reviews and ratings of the catering companies and restaurants you are considering.
  • Be upfront about your budget, the venue (if you choose a catering company), and the environment that you expect. Decide how much time people will have to eat and whether or not a presentation will be given during or after the meal.
  • Be mindful with your menu selection. Just because you love pulled pork sandwiches doesn’t mean that everyone will. Make sure you have options available for vegetarians and health-conscious individuals.
  • Choose foods that are easily consumable. Spaghetti may be tasty, but it can be extremely awkward and messy to eat! Make sure your menu options allow for a comfortable dining experience and minimal eating effort. You want your coworkers and clients to feel comfortable and not self-conscious. This is especially important if you have a presentation to give during or after the meal.
  • Don’t neglect beverages and desserts. Offering more than just fountain drinks and a cookie tray shows that you have thoughtfully planned ahead! Decide ahead of time whether alcoholic beverages will be included in the meal and what type of dessert will be offered. Consider having tea and coffee for after the meal.

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