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As breathtakingly beautiful as it is large, the Lone Star State offers countless adventures for both domestic and international travels. Speaking of international travels, did you know that Texas is larger than over 135 countries? From Europe to the Southern Hemisphere, the landscape in Texas comes out on top, with room to spare. Traveling by bus to Texas is a great way to experience the immense variety that the landscape has to offer. The ever-changing landscape fluctuates with the Texas climate, which ranges from arid in the west to incredibly humid in the east. With this in mind, it’s easy to say that besides packing extra film for your camera, you will want to pack clothes for all types of weather; because when it comes to bus touring in Texas, you never know what adventure you are going to find!

Top Texas Destinations and Historical References

The history of Texas is as rich, vibrant, and constantly evolving as the expansive landscape. We have gathered together a few historical facts to help you get into the spirit of the Lone Star State.

  • The Alamo is located in San Antonio, Texas. This historic location is where Texan defenders fell to Mexican General Santa Anna. It is also where the phrase “Remember the Alamo” originated. Finally, the Alamo is one of the Texas’ most popular historic sites.
  • Did you know that Texas is the only state to have been controlled by six different nations? That’s right, throughout history the following countries have flown their flag over the Lone Star State: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States.
  • Texas was an independent nation from 1836 to 1845.
  • The state capital is Austin, which is located on the Colorado River in south-central Texas. From 1840 – 1842 Austin was the capital of the Republic of Texas.
  • On July 20, 1969 Texas figuratively ventured to the moon when Neil Armstrong radioed back to Houston.
  • Texas is 267,339 square miles, or 7.4% of the USA’s total area.

Deciding where to take a bus tour to Texas will primarily depend on what types of destinations you wish to encounter. From historical landmarks to vibrant cities to the backdrop for countless Hollywood creations, Texas certainly has a lot to offer visitors.

  • Marfa, West Texas: Marfa is a small West Texas town that is approximately 60 miles from the Mexican border. This 2,000 resident town has been the backdrop to classic Western movies like Giant and recent Oscar winners Now Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood. Each year thousands of movie buffs flock to Marfa to take in the views.
  • The River Walk, San Antonio, Texas: Every year millions of tourists flock to this urban sanctuary to enjoy a walk through the city’s past and present. The River Walk is located one-story below Downtown San Antonio. While walking along the path you can stop to enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants, pause for a drink at the fun bars, or enjoy a little shopping at the boutique retail stores.
  • Padre Island, Texas: Padre Island is a 113 mile long island that is home to over 380 species of birds and five species of sea turtles. It is also the longest barrier island in the U.S. Visitors can enjoy bird watching, picnicking, fishing, bicycling, boating, and even horseback riding!
  • Houston Space Center, Houston, Texas: Be prepared to be amazed when you happen upon the full-scale model of a space ship. The visitor center is family-friendly and offers motion simulators, entertainment areas, and educational activities, which makes it the perfect destination for school trips.

Travel Groups that Can Benefit from The BusBank Texas Charter Bus Service(s)

No matter whether you are traveling as a small family group or planning a corporate retreat, BusBank can meet your specific Texas travel needs. BusBank is well equipped to take you on day excursions or a longer trip across the entire Lone Star State.

  • Corporate Transportation: Whether you are arranging a multi-destination outing or looking for a daily employee shuttle service, BusBank has your corporate needs covered!
  • Sports Team Travel: BusBank offers private, luxury busses that are perfect for transporting a professional sports team and all of their gear. We have worked with the: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NPSL, NCAA, and various local leagues across North America.
  • Educational Travel and Field Trips: With a bus trip your students can enjoy the local destinations, rather than experiencing an airplane’s birds-eye-view as they travel thousands of miles above historical venues. From deserts to mountains to Hollywood ranches, the abundance of visual stimuli are sure to keep your students from asking, “are we there yet?”
  • Weddings and Family Outings: Each month we exceed the expectations of hundreds of families. Whether you need a transport to and from the wedding reception or want to take the bride and groom to famous Texas photo opportunities, BusBank is here to make sure that your perfect day becomes the perfect memory.

Did you have another group travel opportunity in mind? If so, simply contact The BusBank with your custom charter request. Whether you need an executive coach, deluxe motorcoach, sleeper coach, mini-bus, school bus, or even a trolley, The BusBank can provide you with the perfect Texas bus shuttle solution.

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