Top Questions About Wedding Transportation

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We are in the midst of engagement season as 39% of marriage proposals take place via Thanksgiving and Valentines day. Our office has seen this  in full force with two engagements within the last month!

If you need advice on how to propose, we probably aren’t the best place to look for that information.  However, if you need help with some of the planning of your actual wedding or tips on renting a bus for your wedding, you have come to the right place.

Planning a wedding can be stressful! The BusBank looks to take some of that stress of your hands by making transportation one less thing to worry about and does this for hundreds of weddings each year. We help brides, grooms, & families  with working out all the logistics of getting people to and from the wedding day events.  Our team is asked these questions on a daily basis, so we thought to share the questions and answers to help you in the planning process.

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Top Wedding Transportation Questions & Answers

1. Can a bus do multiple trips or shuttle groups?

Yes, it is actually recommend using one vehicle for multiple runs on wedding charters as a way to minimize cost and allow for more flexibility for the group. Please remember to plan for ample round trip travel times to make sure no group is at risk of late arrival!

2. Are we able to decorate on the bus?

Yes, this can be a fun way to put your individual touch on the event, but beware there are some limitations. None of these decorations can obstruct the driver’s view of the road. In these cases, allow for the driver to have the final say in approval as the group’s safety should be top priority. For more information please read our guide to decorating a bus.

3.  Do buses have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi on buses is something that is slow moving to more and more carriers throughout North America. If it is a top priority, let the company you are working with know at the time of reservation, so that can tell you if they have that type of equipment in their fleet.

4. Would a motor coach be too big for a residential driveway or subdivision?

Standard Motor coaches are over 45 feet long! This would likely be too large for most residential driveways and many subdivisions. Make sure to let the company you are working for know, locations that bus is scheduled to make stops and pickups at. This is important so that they can be sure the bus will fit.

5. Can the bus stay over the allotted time frame?

There are several variables that affect our ability to accommodate overage hours. We will always do our best to facilitate customer needs. Do understand that last minute changes can affect pricing and they cannot always be met.

6. What year are the buses? 

The BusBank works with operators that have a wide variety of ages of equipment.  We always constantly evaluating our network’s equipment in order to ensure the highest level of condition. If there is a specific need or requirement from the buses, please work with your BusBank representative.

7. Are you able to send pictures of the bus?

Yes, please be aware that BusBank is national provider, so pictures sent over may be a representation of the vehicle type (age, condition, model) and not the “actual” vehicle. We will always do our best to provide pictures of the EXACT vehicle that will be assigned to your group but cannot guarantee.

8. Are the drivers professional ?

Customer service is number one priority at BusBank.  This begins in the booking process and concludes thru the end of your day of service.

8. Do you have references?

Yes references are available upon request. Additionally, you should check out our customer reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook!

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If you are needing more help or would like to speak to our team, you can find out more on our wedding transportation page!