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Wedding Transportation Ideas That Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

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Congratulations, you’re getting married! You chose your dress, taste-tested the cake, and hired your favorite photographer. But have you thought about how you will get to the ceremony and reception? Limousines may come to mind first as they’re an age-old wedding classic. But they shouldn’t be the only option on your wedding transportation list!

Modern brides choose wedding transportation options that suit their personalities and wedding theme, while also being conscious of how this choice fits into the overall wedding budget. Will you choose a sentimental vintage car, a spacious shuttle or a bicycle built for two? Whether you’re looking for a unique getaway to express your style, or a fun way to give your wedding party and even your guests a lift too, there are plenty of options for your wedding transportation.

When narrowing down the list of ideas, a couple should ask themselves a few important wedding transportation questions:

  • Who do we need to transport?
  • How many people are we bringing along with us?
  • Will there be multiple stops?
  • What are the available options in our location?

Once you’ve nailed down the answers to these questions, it’s important to get real about costs–especially when having a destination wedding, or taking on the responsibility of transporting everyone from the wedding to the reception. You also want to make sure that whatever you decide, guests are safe and comfortable.

The following wedding transportation ideas won’t break the bank and will add some extra panache to your special day!

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Roll in on a Trolley or Charter Bus

If your wedding venue is downtown, and you are aiming for an urban wedding vibe, consider renting a deluxe motor coach or trolley to transport your guests from the ceremony site to the reception. This would be an especially cool move for a wedding taking place in San Francisco! At any rate, a motor coach or trolley is the perfect opportunity for a charming photo backdrop. If you’re in a major city, it won’t be hard to find one to rent.

If all of your wedding guests won’t fit into the trolley, perhaps consider this as a special treat for close family members and the bridal party. For the rest of your guests, look into a more economical wedding transportation option, such as a mini bus to shuttle guests.

These Boots (Heels?) Are Made for Walkin’

If you’re really trying to maximize your wedding budget, and your wedding takes place near to where you live (or the hotel you and your guests are staying at), why not use your own two feet to get from point A to point B? For an even more unique entrance, you might also consider biking to the wedding venue and reception.

If you’re an especially environmentally-conscious couple, this can be a great way to practice what you preach–reducing your carbon footprint even while you’re celebrating. Speaking of reducing your carbon footprint, did you know that BusBank offers many eco-friendly options from hybrid electrics to vehicles powered by alternative fuels such as B-20?

Depending on how adventurous you are, you may also want to just stick to having some stylish bikes as photo props.

Match Your Wedding Transportation to Your Surroundings

The budget and costs associated with destination weddings can quickly add up, which is why it’s useful to think through your wedding transportation ideas well ahead of the big day. Furthermore, if you’re going to a place with unique/iconic transportation options, you might consider incorporating them into your big day.

A few ideas to get you thinking:

  • For Oriental-themed weddings, or those in Thailand, you might opt to arrange tuk tuks (motorized rickshaws), especially if the roads to the venue are narrow, to transport your guests to the reception site. They’ll fit the spirit of your celebration, and cost a fraction of the costs associated with a limo or taxi.
  • Vespas aren’t just for Roman roads. If you want to invoke the spirit of European travels (even if your wedding is in the United States), why not ride in on a Vespa? Like tuk tuks, they can also be especially useful for navigating small places and narrow roads. If you arrange Vespas for the entire wedding party, the spectacle would make for a great photo op!
  • For an NYC wedding, consider renting NYC yellow cabs for the wedding party and guests to keep with the theme (and save some money in your wedding transportation budget!).
  • If your wedding is lake or ocean-side (and you love the water), consider coming in on a paddle board, pontoon, or yacht (depending on your budget and the generosity of your friends who have boats).

In each of these cases, you’ll probably save some money while also adding a unique quirk to your special day.

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Add Sentiment with a Vintage Vehicle Wedding Transportation Option

Driving in behind the wheel of a vintage car is a popular choice for many brides, especially ladies looking for a classic wedding feel. A Rolls Royce is the standard option, but you might also consider a classic car of one of the following makes and models:

  • Chrysler 300
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud
  • Bentley S2

Fancy cars aren’t the only way to show your love for automobiles of times past. For a hippie, 70’s kind of wedding, consider driving in with a VW camper van or Shasta RV. As a bonus, you can take the opportunity to get ready inside the RV, and drive up with the entire wedding party in tow!

Of course, renting a vintage car can quickly eat up a wedding budget. You’ll need to do your due diligence to ensure that they run smoothly, and are reliable, comfortable, and safe. It would be no fun to have to deal with a faulty vintage car on your wedding day, when the focus should be on celebrating! Furthermore, you may be lucky enough to secure a vintage car for your special day, but taking advantage of it means separate transportation for your wedding party and guests.

At any rate, before shelling out the money to rent a vintage car, explore existing options within your network. Do you have a friend or family member who would be willing to loan you their fancy ride for the day? If they need some convincing, you could ask them to consider it their wedding gift to you. Though you can’t exactly wear a vintage car, it might just be the perfect “something borrowed” to add some sentiment to your special day.

Take Care of Every Guest with a Deluxe Motor Coach or Shuttle Bus

If the reception venue is far from the ceremony site, consider renting a shuttle or charter bus to transport guests. This gesture is one that your guests may not expect from you, but it will surely show them that you appreciate their involvement in your special day. As a bonus, it’s the perfect option for keeping everyone dry if you find yourself putting your weather-friendly Plan B into action.

If most guests are from out of town and the wedding is in a difficult to navigate place, a bus reduces any potential hiccups, so that everyone can focus on the bride and groom (and not on where to find parking). Perhaps more importantly, chartering a bus can also help eliminate the need for a designated driver, so that all your guests can enjoy the reception without worrying about how they will get home.

Wedding Transportation Tips

Get the most out of your wedding transportation, and plan for all situations with these helpful tips.

  • Plan for all costs: vehicle rental, gratuity, and parking/valet.
  • On that note, investigate parking options and on-site coordination well ahead of your wedding date.
  • Most wedding transportation options are charged by the hour, so to save some money, arrange for pickup and drop off service.
  • Take care of transportation for the people most involved in your wedding day: the bride, the groom, the wedding party, and the parents!

The BusBank Difference

  • Choose from a number of different bus rental options.
  • Safe and reliable drivers.
  • Direct communication with wedding account executives.
  • Seamless transportation between wedding events.
  • Liquor (21 and over only), Free WiFi (in select markets), restrooms, and party buses available.

Once you’ve established a theme for your wedding, and have picked out a venue, it’s time to turn your attention towards choosing the best wedding transportation ideas to suit both. If you need help figuring out the best option for your wedding party and guests, get in touch with our helpful representatives at BusBank. We have an entire team that handles all wedding requests. We work hard to ensure that your wedding group will arrive safely and on-time to the big event!

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