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The Best Options for Affordable Group Transportation in Chicago

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Chicago is a surprisingly accessible city. It isn’t too hard to get around in this town, and unlike other cities, where large group travel is a logistical nightmare, Chicago has some of the best options for affordable group transportation.

What are all the Transportation Options For Large Groups in Chicago?

Water Taxi

When traveling around Chicago, few commuters consider utilizing the cities expansive water network. The Chicago river spans the entire city, and Chicago Water Taxi connects all three branches of the river to travelers looking to explore Chicago and get around. However, if your destination in Chicago isn’t near one of the 6 water taxi pier locations, your large group will require additional transportation.


The Metra is a Chicago staple and a fairly reliable way for transporting large groups to and from Chicago. however, the metra does not provide extensive service for getting around the city itself.


A limousine is a stylish and luxurious way to get around Chicago and provides that personal touch and service to what can be a frustrating process of traveling around during rush hour. However, a limousine might feel rather cramped if your group exceeds 5 or more passengers.


The “L” can take you just about anywhere you want to go in town, provided your group is prepared to walk or take the bus to and from the numerous “L” stations. The “L” is another iconic Chicago staple but isn’t the most reliable nor accommodating option for large groups.

Charter Bus

BusBank Charter buses combine the luxury of a limousine with the accessibility of the “L”, Metra and water taxis, and are a premium, affordable, and dependable option for transporting large groups around Chicago.

What’s the Best Way to Transport Large Groups in and Around Chicago?

Charter Bus, hands down! Regardless of how or where your group needs to go in Chicago, or how many passengers your group consists of, a Charter Bus is the ideal way to transport your group to an from the airport, hotels, venues, and events anywhere in Chicago.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport Large Groups of People for a Day in Chicago?

The price of a charter bus rental in Chicago will vary depending on hours of use, the number of passengers, and the milage of the trip. However here is the approximate cost to transport large groups of people for a day in Chicago.

20 Passengers

Party Bus Rentals and Charters have the capacity to seat 12 – 30 Passengers and cost approximately $1150 – $1400 per 4-6 hour rental.

40 Passengers

School Bus Rentals have the capacity to seat 44 Adults or 65 Children and cost approximately $700 – $995 per 10-12 hour rental.
Mini Bus Charters have the capacity to seat 14 – 38 Passengers and cost approximately $800 – $1300 per 10-12 hour rental.
Deluxe Motor Coaches have the capacity to seat 42 – 61 Passengers and cost approximately $995 – $1495 per 10-12 hour rental.

Travel coordinators should expect to reserve more than one charter bus when calculating the price of charter bus transportation for groups larger than 61

80 Passengers

Deluxe Motor Coaches x 2 = approximately $1990-$2990 per 10-12 hour rental.

500+ Passengers

Deluxe Motor Coaches x 8 = approximately $7960 -$11,960 per 10-12 hour rental

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